Twin Girls Kill Mom After Argument About Them Being Late for School (VIDEO)

Sixteen-year-old twins have confessed to a most gruesome crime: The girls killed their mother because she yelled at them for being late to school. Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead got into an argument with their mom, Jarmecca, after they overslept. Things got so heated between the three of them that the unthinkable happened: Jarmecca ended up dead.


The teens, who lived in Conyers, Georgia, are serving 30 years for confessing to murdering their mom after she became angry at them because they were late for school. The twins say she began threatening them with a pot. The teens say they managed to wrestle the pot away from their mom, but then things descended into a brawl.

The twins then claim that mom came at them with a knife. At this point, the teens apparently decided it was kill or be killed, and one of them hit their mom over the head with a vase. Another hit her with the pot, and then mom bit one of the girls in the chest.

Wow, your kids hitting their teenage years can be rough, but it this is horrible.

One of the girl then said she stabbed her mom with the knife but they were superficial stabs since she "couldn't bring myself to do it."

It would have been amazing if, at this point, all parties could have realized this had gone too far and calmed down. If only the twins had run off. Or the mom had.

But instead the twins said they then dragged their mother to the bathtub, held her hands and feet down, and drowned her.

The teens told the police they kept talking to their mom as they drowned her -- she told them she hated them (no wonder). And they apologized to her that they couldn't get along with her.

The girls then cried for awhile, shocked at what they had just done. Eventually they got it together and went to school.

"I'm sorry and I miss her," one of the twins told police. They both wish they had called 911 instead of killing her.

There is no excuse for what happened here, but it sounds like this was a very dysfunctional family with a huge amount of issues. That said, no matter what these girls may have suffered, to stuff your mother alive in a tub and drown her as she talks to you is despicable. I really wish they had found the strength to ask for help from friends, teachers, counselors, clergy, anything, before they resorted to this.

Do you think the girls deserve 30 years?


Image via NBC11

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