Mom Hears Odd Noises & Finds THE Most Terrifying Thing in Her Bathroom

bathroomWe all hear bumps in the night.

Nine out of 10 times the noises are just that, noises, with no discernible origin be it a creak or a clunk. But then there is that rare instance when that odd sound actually IS something and something totally freaky!

Texas mom Veronica Rodriguez thought she heard something at night and she discovered -- get this -- a 12-FOOT SNAKE in her bathroom.

Apparently the creature -- an African Python -- slithered into the house when she left the back door open earlier in the day in order to clean her daughter's guinea pigs' cage. The intruder had gone unnoticed until around 9 p.m. Then  Rodriguez started to hear odd noises "like someone was knocking things over." She checked out the bedrooms but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then she looked into her bathroom and got a shocking surprise.

There, slithering around, was a huge snake, which was making its way into her bathtub. So she did what anyone of us would do -- panicked, and then she called 911. What else WOULD you do?

"When the officer showed up, he came with a brown paper sack," she recalled. "I told him, 'You're going to need a bigger sack than that.'" Yes, way bigger. Animal control soon came to the rescue with a 10-gallon bucket. Although the snake wasn't cooperating, they managed to get the reptile into the bucket and out of the house.

The snake was taken to a reptile rescue where its owner came to claim their pet, because you would totally notice if your 12-foot snake went missing. Ms. Rodriguez is, I'm sure, thrilled to have it out of her house, but she is "still visibly shaken" a week later. And who could blame her?

So that next time you hear a weird noise, let's hope it's just your house settling and nothing this sensational.

What's the scariest thing you've found in your house?

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nonmember avatar Shannon

I have a sunroom attached to my house, with six sliding glass doors (12 screen doors)...I was sitting out here one night, enjoying the sounds of peepers and reading the paper when I just happened to look to my left and discovered a large copperhead just chillin on the carpet...needless to say, I freaked!! I actually love snakes but NOT when they're venomous and in a room where my toddler and older kids play...thankfully, my husband was home!! To this day, we're still perplexed on how it got indoors...but as they say, "nature finds a way"...

Coles... Coles_mom

I'm not a sue-happy person, but you'd better believe your ass I'd sue the hell outta that owner! Emotional distress times 1000. Lucky if I didn't have a heart attack!!!

dusty... dusty_707

I would probably cry and maybe even pee myself , because i am deathly scared of snakes.



I'm with you I am scared of snakes as well .I think I would go crazy if I saw a snake and a snake that big would definitely make me pee myself.

nonmember avatar Mamad1214

I'm not scared of snakes however I would have done the same thing with calling the cops or animal control cuz u don't know if he went in search of food an could be hungry no need for a snake bite

SoJaided SoJaided

Why would you sue? It's a non venomous snake that caused no damage. Would you sue someone if their non aggressive dog snuck in through your back door? It's the same thing. People just tend to be more afraid of snakes, but in reality as long as they're not poisonous, they're pretty harmless.

nonmember avatar Megablocks

On the day before my wedding i was in my sister hotel room and i saw something moving outside the bottom of the door. I opened it and it was a huge vinagaroon! ( look it up its real). It ran at me so i screamed and slamed the door shut but that didnt stop it from trying to come in. I screamed " vinagaroon!" and my sister was like " a vinaga-what!?" My sister and i were svreaming and beating the bottom of the door with our shoes. It could only get its claws under the door but that was enough to scare us into sillies. Finally i had enough of this horrible beast, so i opened the door, yelled at the creature and slapped my shoe on the pavement. It got up on its last two legs, but i guess thought better than to be attacked by the woman wirh the slapping shoe and went into the bushes down the walk way. My other sister came out of the shower to see us panting and recovering from our almost lige ending ordeal and we were like did you not here us screaming?!? Apparently not...

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Big bag of NOPE!

pippi311 pippi311

large snakes (or venomous ones) should not be allowed as "pets". that is ridiculous. thank god the snake didn't find a small child and kill it.

szinna szinna

I'm scarred for life looking up the vinagaroon

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