Ann Coulter's Sad 'Bring Back Our Country' Selfie Mocked Far & Wide (PHOTOS)

ann coulterOh Ann. Ann, Ann, Ann. SIGH. By now you've probably seen Ann Coulter's response to the #BringBackOurGirls meme: #BringBackOurCountry. Okay, fine -- we definitely need to do more about the 300 kidnapped Nigerian school girls than post selfies. But Ann's gesture struck me as mean-spirited, tone-deaf, desperate attention-mongering troll bait more than anything else. And anyway, what's wrong with showing interest in and support for an international cause?

But back to Ann Coulter. Within minutes of her post you could hear a thud throughout the Twitterverse and the words RELEASE THE KRACKEN. Oh yes, it was time for everyone to mock Ann Coulter. And mock they did. Here are some of the best (and cleanest) Twitter responses to #BringBackOurCountry.

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nonmember avatar Kristi

I love it....mocking someone who is mocking someone. Makes you look equally worthless. Congrats on your accomplishment.


The #Bring Back Duck Lips has me dying [of laughter].

Em Chappell-Root

Ann Coulter deserves this, she is a worthless witch who tried to hijack for her own use a tag that is being used to show support for the rescue of nearly 300 young women who were kidnapped from their home by rabid religious fundamentalist, and that the only difference between Coulter and Boko Haram is that she claims to be Christian and they're Muslim. If Coulter and her extremists had their way, we'd all be living under the American Christian Taliban that she supports, the chattel and serfs of the big business lords she worships. Both support ignorance, hatred, and indoctrination of religious extremes. 

lizilli lizilli

Has there ever been a time when Ann Coutler wasn't mean-spirited?  Even if I were to agree with her politics, she is just plain mean and cranky and talkin shit, instead of reason.  Really Ann?

Joe McDermott

Moronic article and moronic comments supporting her.  The ridic BBOG htag is evidence only of the USA's impotentence.  Of course, the current admin and progs in general like it that way. 

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

Joe, your opinion might carry more weight if it wasn't a direct quote of Rush Limbaugh.

nonmember avatar andie

@SickofHearingIt, I think I have a girl crush :) You always say exactly what I was going to say, but you beat me to it.

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