Ann Coulter Mocks Michelle Obama's Sad 'Bring Back Our Girls' Selfie (PHOTO)

Michelle Obama #BringBackOurGirlsUnless you've been living under a social media rock and make it a point to avoid news headlines, you've probably heard something about the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped last months by the Islamic Extremist group Boko Haram.

Celebrities galore have been been spreading awareness of the heartbreaking situation by tweeting with the hashtag "Bring Back Our Girls" -- even Michelle Obama got in on the action, tweeting a picture of herself looking sad and holding a sign that read "#BringBackOurGirls," which of course was either incredibly inspirational or deeply insulting, depending on how you feel about the Obamas. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter was not amused, and Sunday night tweeted her own biting response in the form of a pouty selfie captioned, "#BringBackOurCountry."

It's the perfect example of what's wrong with the "hashtag activism" surge in the last few years. It's all fine and good to raise awareness about such atrocities, but unless actual action is taken, it's not like Boko Haram is going to be convinced to give back the girls they have promised to sell into slavery.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Will summed it up talking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, saying hashtag activism is "an exercise in self-esteem." He continued, "I do not know how adults stand there facing a camera and say, bring back our girls. Are these barbarians in the wild of Nigeria are supposed to check their Twitter accounts and say, oh, Michelle Obama is very crossed with us, we better change our behavior ... power is the ability to achieve intended effects. And this is not intended to have any effect on the real world."

Christine Sisto over at National Review wrote, "This trend is the perfect blend of the social-media generation’s laziness and the need to belong to something ... If Michelle Obama had held up that sign and then scheduled a trip to Nigeria, or spoken to the families of the kidnapped students, or met with President Jonathan, urging him to take action, or donated some of her personal money to a Nigerian non-profit, her gesture might have been credible."

Ann Coulter has a knack for summing things up succinctly, and love her or hate her, she makes a valid argument that hashtag activism is pretty pointless if it exists solely to be a cultural meme of collective "I care about the children" kumbaya nonsense.

Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States, and therefore holds more power to affect change than the average bear. It's going to take more than a sad, sad selfie with a sign to #BringBackOurGirls.

Do you think hashtag activism is helpful in promoting actual change for a better world?


Image via FLOTUS/Twitter

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Emma Graham

Actually, if you or Miss Coulter had done any research before jumping back on the "anything the Obama's do is terrible" train, you would have found out that the Twitter campaign has everything to do with raising awareness of the situation. Nigeria's rather corrupt government was trying to sweep the entire issue under the rug and for three weeks after it happened, made no comment on it and refused outside help. Nigerians started tweeting the hash tag #bringbackourdaughters and it caught the attention of the Twitter world and blew up into #bringbackourgirls and put such a spotlight on the issue that the Nigerian government had no choice but to start accepting outside help and diving into the recovering of these girls.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

Why actually research anything when you can make fun of people instead. There is nothing more helpful than making a mockery of a serious issue.

nonmember avatar Odessapatton@gm

Stunned at the amount of cold insensitivity of the photo & the article's covert swipe as well. It's one thing to be politically opposite; yet another to bring the tragedy of this nature up as an excuse to mock people you dont like. Kids missing; moms grieving...oh spend your OWN money Obamas...sure thats not a sublime dig. Yes lets findany way to insult each other. Who really cares little kids around the world here & abroad are suffering b/c adults are playing evil games.

can_c... can_can21

Do you really think Michelle Obama really cares about those girls? Heck, no! It's amazing she is even a mother considering she is pro-choice and apparently doesn't mind the fact her husband is into killing young soldiers! It's just another photo opp time for this nut job!

Daisy... DaisyJupes

#bringbackourgirls is the only reason I know about what happened. When people don't read newspapers how else are we supposed to know about things? Social media is the perfect platform. People can argue that we should do this or do that, but ultimately if it's not on twitter we're not going to see it. Visiting Nigeria wouldn't do much, but encouraging people to jump on the bandwagon will pass around the message until those who actually do care can find out and do something. Political pressure from other countries is a big motivator. 

I'm not sure how Michelle Obama holding the sign is offensive at all, even if you don't like them. The only thing I can think of is someone saying "dammit, OSAMA'S wife wants African girls safe. I can't believe she's using such a prestigious position as First Lady to bring awareness through social media, the way many Americans communicate now, to an important issue in the world that will actually save lives if acted upon BUT ISN'T IN THE UNITED STATES OF 'MERICA. Bitch."

nonmember avatar Annie1120

what about bringing back our troops Mrs. Obama the same troops your husband promised to bring back! what about the hundreds of kids that go missing in our soil and being sold to human trafficking!!!

tbruc... tbrucemom

I actually read the news so I didn't need a hashtag to tell me what's going on in the world. I don't think Mrs. Obama holding up a sign is either offensive or helpful. I don't have a problem with what Ann Coulter said either. However you know about Nigeria it really doesn't make a difference. What have YOU done to help? There's really not a lot that can be done. This is another country. Do we attack them over it? They are radical islamists. Maybe if Hillary Clinton had labeled them as a terror group when she had a chance we would have been keeping an eye on them and prevented this from happening in the first place.

Jim Thomas

DaisyJupes...I love your comment because you managed to encapsulate just how stupid your generation is. You can't read a newspaper, watch a TV news show or listen to the radio. Apparently, you can't read web-based news sites. If Twitter is the only way you know what's going on in the outside world, you're an idiot. You won't get Ms. Obama's half-hearted attempt to look concerned, or Coulter's sarcasm in calling out the nonsense of the Twitter culture. Please get your face out of your phone before you walk into traffic.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

This is sad. These aren't the only girls/women being taken and sold and I wish there was more awareness of the sex slave industry.This is somethign that occurs across all races too. It's sad that the world is such a terrible place sometimes.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

can can, thank you for that display of stupidity! Did you get your "pro-choice people can't want children and don't believe in life" talking point when Chelsea announced her pregnancy? It's so cute when someone parrots talking points and makes it painfully obvious that they cannot think for themselves! Which, of course, ties in perfectly with Jenny's complete lack of understanding of the situation she is being paid to write about.

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