Teen Commits Suicide When Mom Says Get Off Facebook

A teenage girl reportedly killed herself because of Facebook. While we've heard about teens committing suicide because of Facebook bullying, this case is different. Apparently the teen's mom demanded she close her Facebook account because the teen had been spending too much time on it and ignoring her studies. But rather than get off Facebook, the girl reportedly hanged herself.

Aditi Gupta, 13, who lives in India, had apparently been scolded by her mother for the amount of time she was spending on the social network site. Her mother demanded she get off Facebook and then left for work. When she returned home four hours later for lunch, she reportedly found her daughter dead.

Mrs. Gupta reportedly told police she couldn't believe her daughter would kill herself "over something so trivial."

Of course, there could have been a lot more going on with this teen than just Facebook. But if you remember being a teen, trivial things can seem to be so important to your world. Getting off Facebook might be nothing to an adult, but to a teen it might be the equivalent of being told you can never see any of your friends ever again. To a teen, it's not the same as being told to stay off the TV. Facebook is access to their social circle, their social status, whatever social dramas they have going on.

Teens also don't necessarily comprehend how final the concept of death is. They know they are hurting, they know they want the pain to stop. That is all they know.

Additionally, it's scary to think that children could be getting addicted to technology so young. Just like drugs, technology can become something a child or an adult can feel they can't live without.

The case had reportedly sparked much debate in India about children losing themselves within the cyberworld.

I suppose something like this could serve as a teaching moment to parents who want to cut off their childrens' access to technology -- perhaps it should be done slowly.

What a horrible thing for this family to go through.

Do you think your kids spend too much time online?


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nonmember avatar Elaine

My daughter is 3 but I have a 15 year old nephew and that's how he spends everyday after school. Social media/ internet period is hurting our kids. They take itvwayvtoo seriously and they need to be tols to get off and go out to play like I did when Ibqas younger.

Carri... Carrie-navywife

I have a 14yr and 4 month old daughters. I think all this technology is horrible for kids. My teen is addicted to social media as well just like all her friends, but at least she understands what it has done to this generation. She keeps telling me that her sister isn't allowed to grow up with the stuff she did. She wants her younger sister to be an "outdoors playtime" kid like they did when I grew up. I agree. If I knew when my first was little how horrible all this stuff would turn out to be for kids today, I would have done things differently with her. But it is everywhere and when it started, no one thought it would turn out like this. Here's to trying to retrain the next generation.

Gwend... Gwendlite

We don't support Facebook or social media in any way at all, and will raise our children without it as much as possible. Obviously they will be influenced by other kids at school, but it's not for us.

nonmember avatar Connor

There is more at work here then just facebook. No one kills themselves just because they are told to get off Facebook. When you are depressed, it becomes difficult to handle criticism. I know this, because I've been through it myself. Something as little as that can turn into "My parents hate me and want me dead. I'll be doing a favour for the world." Facebook May have been a factor, but it is not a direct cause.

divam... divamomtjcj

I have a 10, 5, and 10 month old and now the schools work is all on laptops and tablets. No books or papers i think alot of kids anymore are made to be dependent of the internet

TheLa... TheLadyAmalthea

There had to be something else going on here. This is probably the stupidest reason to kill yourself. Whether it may have been abuse or mental illness, I doubt this girl killed herself because she terminated her facebook page.

night... nightwhispers76

I have to say that teens DO know how final death is. That is a horrible excuse for suicide. And technology is good. The parent needs to exact control over it and how much time the child spends online. My 7 year old has a Facebook page...As does my 10 and 13 year olds. I control every aspect of their online experiences. If more parents took the time to be involved in their children's lives, things like this wouldn't happen.

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