Heroic Mother Breaks Her Back Saving 18-Month-Old Son from a Fire (VIDEO)

There is nothing as strong as a mother's love for her children, and this story serves as heartbreaking proof of that. Christina Simoes broke her back and may never be able to walk again, but the Massachusetts mom says it was "worth it" because she was able to save her 18-month-old son from a horrific fire at her apartment. The 23-year-old mom didn't think twice when she realized that she and little Cameron were trapped in their apartment and there was only one way to escape the blaze. Holding her toddler in her arms, the courageous woman jumped from her third-floor window. Taking that chance paid off for her baby -- he escaped the tragedy with little more than a scratch on him.

Christina was watching television in bed with Cameron when she noticed smoke and saw flames outside of her window. By that time, her hallway was filled with thick smoke and it would have been risky for her to attempt to walk down three flights of stairs in order to get out. Leaping out of a window is definitely not anyone's first choice of escape, but the smart mom saw how quickly the fire was spreading and didn't think they'd have time to wait for a firefighter.

So she took matters into her own hands.

Christina says she "grabbed" her son and "gave him a kiss" before jumping, which gives me goosebumps and makes my heart melt just thinking about it.

Christina landed on her feet, but immediately collapsed and broke her back. After a six-hour surgery in which doctors inserted a rod in her back, they said they still weren't sure at this point if she'd ever be able to walk again.

But Christina believes it was all worth it -- because Cameron remained nestled safely in her arms after the fall and didn't suffer any injuries. What an amazing sacrifice this mom made for her baby -- we wish her the happiest of mother's days and, of course, a speedy and full recovery.

Here's a video which features Christina telling the story in her own words:

What's the most amazing thing you've ever heard of a mom doing for her children?


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nonmember avatar Krista

Finally! A story where someone actually knows what being a parent means! Mother of the year award goes to this woman for sure! Great job! Your son will forever look at you as his hero.

youth... youthfulsoul

As any mom SHOULD do. Glad to hear.

cheya... cheyanne1234

This story made me cry just from pure happiness . I have a 14 mo old son and wouldn't think twice either. So glad they're both ok!!


She is a truly a angel. I would have did the same thing for my daughter she is my inspiration she deserve a great mother's day gift .This is a real mother and all mother's across the world need to learn something from this brave young mother.

TheSi... TheSilence

Wow. This gave me the chills! I'm glad Cameron is okay!

nonmember avatar kel

I'm sorry she has to endure so much pain and uncertainty about her future. But this is such a heart warming story. the bond between a.good mother and child is breathtakIng. what every child deserves.

MamaY... MamaYankee

Wow. She is simply amazing. I am really moved by this...

nonmember avatar Yoli

Beautiful made me tear up. The things we moms do for our babies. She really loves her son. God bless her. She will be in my prayers so our good lord will help her walk again.

Charl... Charlyla2

Omg, that is beautiful. Heartbreaking that she may not walk again but SO worth it to her and her baby I am sure.

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