Couple Caught Having Sex on Church's Lawn in Front of Children

arrested coupleThis is a situation where screaming "get a room," should not just be a suggestion but an order. A couple in Salt Lake City, Utah were caught engaging in oral sex in a place you would least expect it.

They were getting busy on the front lawn of a church! Yes! A church. Oh, and it gets worse...

Not only were they performing an x-rated act in a very g-rated place, but it happened during a wedding at the church with kids present!

Seriously, this is such a perfect example of "wrong place and a wrong time."

In the early evening, Wilson Benally, 56, reportedly was "going down," on 60-year-old Sandra Kruser outside of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church around 6 p.m. Apparently four children witnessed the couple's very intimate act, perhaps scarring them for life, or at least a couple of days.

Wedding guests called the cops on the couple, and when the police officers attempted to break up their "fun," they ignored them. The couple were reportedly wasted, and once they were separated the two were arrested, booked and charged with "gross lewdness and public intoxication."

But don't think that the two were moved by the nearby nuptials, they are reportedly "transients" and Wilson Benally has been arrested over 100 times! And with behavior like this, it isn't surprising.

While this may be sad and a bit amusing, I can not stop thinking of the kids who saw this. What would the parents say to these children? That the couple were "playing doctor," or that he was "looking for something he lost." I really have NO idea what I would do. Maybe the act they witnessed didn't register with the little ones, at least let's hope so!

What would you say to your children if they saw something like this?

Image via Salt Lake City Police Department

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Dang, Take it to a bathroom at least poor kids .I hope they don't repeat this behavior.

Mark Cox

dang those pics turned me off forever..yea disgusting for kids to see but hell they see as much on tv and movies these days so its hard to get too upset about the precious lil ones and they dont seem to give the ages of the kids


Jeesh! Who would want do go down on either? Good gawed the stench!

April Marie McIntyre

@Mark Cox maybe your kids do but parents have a large measure of control over that and my daughters have seen nowhere near something that awful, my ten year old gets grossed out if her dad kisses me on the lips in front of her. You sir, seem in all your comments to be a jerk that trolls a site for MOMS just to be ignorant. Your mother apparantly never taught you if you have nothing nice to say shut up or get out. 


Snapp... SnappleQueen

You explain that the adults were engaged in adult behavior that should occur in a private place. That's all you need to say. Young children won't be scarred since they don't process this type of event with the lens of an adult view. And thinking they will be is really absurd and insulting to kids. 

nonmember avatar Tracy D

Tell them he was homeless and hungry...LMAO

hopea... hopealways4019

Ewww he was eating her old fugly wussy...those kids definitely need unfair

nonmember avatar Emma

There is only one thing I have to say and that is ewwwwwww they both got beat with the ugly stick and if me or my son saw that we would be scared for life.

Anoth... AnotherKim

They look like crack heads. Gross, gross, and more gross.

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