Pregnant Woman Accused of Killing Father of Baby for Absurd Reason

When you hear about how selfish and materialistic this generation is, you think about something like this: A pregnant woman reportedly stabbed the father of her unborn child to death because he didn't buy her anything at the mall. Miata Phelan, 24, of Chicago, is hugely pregnant, yet managed to stab her boyfriend to death, reportedly because he had bought things for his cousin and son at the mall -- but not her.

Martin is 28 and the the father of Phelan's unborn child. The two of them lived together. After the shopping trip, Phelan reportedly began berating her boyfriend, Larry Martin, for being "selfish" for not buying her anything.

Their argument ended up at their house, where Phelan allegedly locked Martin out. She eventually she opened the door, only to stab Martin in the side with a knife. Horribly, Martin's 8-year-old son witnessed the whole thing.

Reportedly, the 8-year-old boy watched as his father lay dying and Phelan stood over him screaming, "This is what you get for messing with me. I hope you die, mother f-----." Tragically, he did.

It sounds like this couple had a lot more problems than just Phelan not getting any gifts at the mall. Clearly, they had a very toxic relationship. Unfortunately, two children have lost their father. And the unborn baby will likely come into this world not even having a mother either, as chances are she will be in prison for a long time. This poor baby hasn't even been born yet and already has been the victim of terrible tragedy that has left him or her without parents.

Do you really think this was about Phelan not getting things bought for her?


Image via Chicago Police

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Of course not. It was about not being put first. She's carrying his child, probably wanted to get married and he buys things for someone else (despite it being children he was buying for). Her hormones and emotions got the best of her. I kinda understand her feeling (I gave birth to baby number 3 last year, my hormones were all over the place). She's still human, not an animal. She should've controlled herself a lot better than that.

nonmember avatar tangerine

Whatever the reason? It don't justify murdering someone..cold bloodied in front of young child. I hope she rot in jail. Save her unborn child from being raised by a mother..who can't control emotions. She pure evil ..if he put someone first..other than her. Leave him. Now his son emotionally scarred for life.


Yeah I do think this was about him not buying her something. She probably thinks she should be the center of everything right now and damn everyone else.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

He died because she's a materialistic crazy unstable female,

12kyo... 12kyocera

She needs the death penalty for killing him who is going to look after the baby. She must be mentally stable and jealous. She dont need time in jail at all.

berit berit

Did mommie113 really try to defend this psycho witch? I don't care how hormonal you are, there's no sensible reason for murdering someone in cold blood

nonmember avatar Amber

MOMMIE113..... Are u seriouce? She took a man's life because he didn't buy her anything at the mall!! So what if he bought his son and cousin something...There both obviously young. She is pregnant and had hormones raging yes...that doesn't mean you can murder someone. So if a drunk man stabs his wife to death it's ok cause he was drunk? I don't think so! Million of woman are prego every day month and year... you don't see them running around murdering people because of hormones! Clearly she had some issues. And then in front of a child! Smh! Obviously you thinking this is justified you clearly have some issues yourself! Poor boy and baby!!

IHear... IHeartCake

Let's not be sexist.  She's mentally ill and should be prosecuted for 1st degree murder.

nonmember avatar britni

It doesnt matter why she did it.she killed a man and needs to pay for it..if that means her baby goes into foster care so be kill you pay the price.

nonmember avatar mommy of 4

He died because he was beating her and she was scared and tired. She was an associate

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