Mom Takes Worst Picture You Can Imagine of Her 2-Year-Old Girl

A mother has been convicted of a heinous crime -- posing her 2-year-old daughter with a sex toy and then sending the picture to a pedophile. The woman, Camille Solomon-Eaton, had tried to claim she was insane when she committed the horrible act, but the judge wasn't buying it and she was convicted on all counts.

Solomon-Eaton, of Brooklyn, New York, was caught when police began investigating a man named Caleb Wade, who had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for "any girls into taboo sex." Police found child porn on his cell phone that had been sent from Solomon-Eaton, and incredibly, the porn depicted her own 2-year-old girl. "Hope you like," she reportedly wrote to Wade, accompanied by a picture of her daughter with a sex toy.

Reportedly, Solomon-Eaton's lawyer tried to claim that the little girl wasn't physically harmed by the picture and therefore the court should show some mercy. But prosecutors weren't buying it, saying the photos were a "victimization," and that the child was being "exploited."

Of course she was. Perhaps this time the mother didn't hand her over to a pedophile and let him rape her, but it seems like she was going in that direction. And even if she wasn't, this is total exploitation, treating your baby as a sex object for strange men. Despicable.

But she also had another "explanation" -- that she herself had been sexually abused as a child. Perhaps so, but this doesn't give you the right to not be punished for doing it to your own child. As a victim, you should know better than anyone that it is imperative to break the cycle and get some help.

Wade was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Solomon-Eaton faces up to 15 years in prison.

Do you think 15 years is enough time? Should her own abuse be a mitigating circumstance?


Image via Nicolas Buffler/Flickr

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merma... mermaid13dragon

eek yuk.. glad she got caught before actualyl handing the poor thing over.... on the other hand it seems like alot of prison time for a photo- can't they just take the daughter away from her forever??

ttsm1214 ttsm1214

i really hate hearing things like this about innocent babies and kids getting molested and being sexualy abused  it just breaks my heart. i was a victom of this crime as a child and i hate when other kids and babies go through this crime.  the main thing i want to say is how could a mother do this kind of thing to her own child when she should protect her daughter from people like that.  i cant really judge but i believe that she shouldve got more then 15 years. this story has me crying cause it is a little baby involved in this crime  and i pray to god that she is with some one who will protect her.     that is how i feel and what i think and this is just a comment of what i think about this sick twisted sad story 

kayba... kaybayblee3

That's sick..and the whole she "was also sexually abused herself" is even more horrifying that she would choose to put her daughter through the same thing.

Hyman Hyman

I'm so sick of these bitches claiming that the excuse for their despicable behavior is that they were abused.

NOT buying it. I know from experience.

Calli... CalliFlower

She should also be sterilized so she can never have another child to exploit. Hope them bitches in jail fuck her up.

nonmember avatar Emma

What a sick twisted woman I hope she rots in jail. My son is 2 years old I would never think about doing something like that to him.

Amber Kevlin

Mermaid13dragon - Its not enought time!They put them away so they don't actually have the chance to harm children! Steralize her, and castrate him. Then put 'em behind bars for a good loooon time.


sexym... sexymom37

What a sick monster. I hope that she rots jail and never is allowed to have contact with her daughter again.

cherylam cherylam

As a victim of child sex abuse by two 'trusted' family members, when I had my children I fought ferociously to protect them from any possibility of being molested by anyone. Any mother worthy of rhe title would do the same. This POS is more concerned with protecting her own ass and couldn't care less for this precious child. Life is too good for her, and the worst part is unless she surrenders her parental rights, this poor child will be stuck in the net of foster care until she gets out, which is a hell of its own.

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