43-Year-Old Who Sexually Assaulted Best Friend's Child Only Gets Probation

Karen Lee CarstensOne woman probably thought her best friend was the bestest after she became severly ill and had to be hospitalized. Karen Carstens, 43, stepped in and offered to help care for her 13-year-old son in her absense, but instead she did the unspeakable to him.

Over the course of two years beginning 2007, Carstens sexually abused the young teen, starting with genital touching, and escalating to vaginal, oral, and anal sex. She was sentenced on Wednesday to just five years of probation.

Only five years of probation for stealing a kid's innocence? What the heck? Can you imagine a grown man getting away so easily with raping a 13-year-old girl? Is it because she likely used psychological coercion as opposed to brute force? Is a woman raping a boy really that different than a man raping a girl?

According to court documents, the abuse started in 2007, when Carstens performed oral sex on him four times. In 2009, when the boy's mom was hospitalized again, they reportedly had sex on a couch, and the boy cried afterward because he was afraid he'd impregnated her.

Side note: Also probably because the psychological damage and emotional distress she was causing him.

About a month after that incident, the woman coerced him into sex again, but terrified of getting her pregnant, he asked her to do anal instead. Warning -- the following text from court documents contains graphic information:

The boy "stated that he asked [Carstens] if he 'could have sex up the ass because he didn't have a condom,'" the court documents say. "Complainant stated [Carstens] refused at first citing that it would cause her pain but agreed to the request. [The boy] stated that he inserted his penis inside [her] rectum and that he 'ejaculated' inside the anus."

When Carstens moved halfway across the country later that year, she warned the teen not to tell anyone because she'd "get in trouble." Apparently not much though. Five years probation. SMH.

The is one punishment for her crime which she won't be able to escape -- publicity. Any time someone googles her, this will come up. People will recognize her and be wary of her. The stigma of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old will never go away. I almost feel bad for her, but then I think of her victim.

The unidentified boy is now 19, and was present during the trial. He told a local new station, "I feel like she deserved everything that she got." Hopefully he has some closure and knows that nothing that happened to him was his fault.

Adults are supposed to protect and care for kids, not force them to carry out their own sick sexual fantasies.

Do you think she got what she deserved or was the punishment too light?


Image via Houston Police

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Mrscj... Mrscjones

No just like if it was a man I would demand her head

nonmember avatar S

There is a HUGE difference between a teenage boy having sex with an older woman and a teenage girl having sex with an older man.

Anyone who has been in high school knows how boys are. Kids in my area of the country are getting pregnant (from other kids their age) as young as 11 or 12.

The fact that he asked her for a different way of having sex shows that he knew exactly what he was doing and to some degree wanted to have sex with her.

That being said- yes I think it is possible for a young boys mind to be warped in the way of sexuality but not to the extreme that it was in this case. If a five year old boy was sexually assaulted, definitely some trouble there. A thirteen year old? No way- he knew what he was doing and was just as interested as she was.

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

I'm with you Mrscjones! Why should it make a difference what sex the adult is? A pedophile is a pedophile male or female. 


If this were a man who didn't use "brute force" they would say he was grooming, which is enough to put men away. This is no different and she is disgusting. And Jenni, there's no such thing as closure.

cmjaz cmjaz

It wouldn't matter if the teen girl was consenting. It would still be rape. The same should go for this woman. Shameful that she got probation.

sassy... sassykat122

I expect the non member comment from S is a troll trying to get people riled up

Einyn Einyn

I'm a member sassy kat, not a troll, and I find myself vaguely agreeing with S

sassy... sassykat122

But if it's your 13 y.o. daughter it would be different right

sassy... sassykat122

Because a middle aged woman seduces my son and heads are gonna roll just the same

berit berit

Just so you know, the mug shot results disappears off google after a year or two then you have to dig to find it. I can't find the guy's mugshot who was convicted of assaulting me but I can find my friend's mugshot for a drunk and disorderly from a few months ago. That pisses me off, their disgusting faces should be easy to find and identity. Sexual assault isn't treated with the severity it should be

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