Baby Crawls Across 4-Lane Street While Mom Sleeps

crawling babyClose call for a 12-month-old in Brigham City Utah. A driver saw the baby crawling across a busy 4-lane street early Friday evening and returned the baby to its mom (who apparently the driver knew). But the rescuer did place a call to police.

The mother (who has not been identified) told police that she had been resting and had put her son in his crib to sleep. Police say the woman's 7-year-old daughter took the baby out of the crib to play and he somehow got out of the backyard.

The baby had crawled less than a block from home when he was discovered. He was in the lane closest to the sidewalk.

Police say charges are unlikely, but the case has been turned over to the Division of Child and Family Services.

It does all sound perfectly innocent. But totally scary. It's one of those things that could have happened to any of us. We're just glad the baby boy and his big sister are okay.

How would you have handled this situation once everyone was home safe and sound? Any babysitting training you'd give the 7-year-old or child-proofing you'd put into place?


Image via Brian Snelson/Flickr


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Rhodin Rhodin

Why is the picture for this article apparently a statue of a crawling preschooler with a serious facial deformity?

the4m... the4mutts

Omg, that poor mom!! when I read the headline, I was thinking "That negligent bitch musthave left a door open, or is lying. How the hell would a crawling baby get to a street?"

But this? I can see this happening. I feel so bad for her. She put her baby in a safe place so she could rest... I hope everything turns out well for them

nonmember avatar ladymiddy

I aam 41, 38 years ago, a mother of 5 frantically searched her two story home in a little town in NH (1974). She could not find her youngest daughter any where in the house. There was a frantic search of the neighborhood, and the child was found in a park across two highways. YUP. I had crawled two highways to get to the park where my siblings were and then hid in a water fountain box, so no one would see me.. MY mother had put me down for a nap while my siblings were playing in the feild. So I totaly get and feel for this poor woman .

Catherine Garness

I know my 7 year old would be grounded for life. Glad baby is ok.

stars... starstruck88

Door monkeys are a life saver, my son was letting my daughter out of her bed and room as well. 

nonmember avatar Jane

Good grief, get cultured Rhodin and Jennifer. That "baby" is one of many sculptures that "crawls" up the Zizkov radio tower in Prague. It's incredibly famous.

arlis... arliss123

Yikes, this could happen at my house! My three children and I all lay down for a rest in the afternoon, but my 5 year old wakes up before the rest of us. She always gets herself a snack and plays quietly or reads. Currently my two year old naps in a crib she can't climb out of, and the baby sleeps next to me, but I'll definitely be having a talk with her to make sure she understands never to take them anywhere.

ninag... ninag1980

Guess I am not cultured, I have never heard, read or seen said sculpture in picture listed above. lol, who cares Jane.... what a joke

Angela A. Holloway

NO matter how you look at it, it's the mother's responsibility not a 7 yr old.

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