Mother & Grandfather Arrested for Starving 5-Year-Old Boys (VIDEO)

dana glasserIn "what are these people doing raising children" news, a grandfather and mother in Sand Lake, New York, have been charged with wthholding food from two of the four children in their care.

Authorities say that the boys, both only 5 years old, were found in emaciated condition.

Child protective services had alerted police to the potential abuse back in February. And now Joseph Glasser, 61, and Dana Glasser, 33, have been arraigned and are being held in jail on $25,000 bail.

Authorities said the Glassers caused "serious physical injury that created a grave risk of death" by withholding food from the two little boys over an unspecified period of time.

joseph glasser
joseph glasser
Joseph Glasser's brother told a local news station that the police's use of the word "emaciated" was "blown out of proportion." But investigator Jeffrey Ullman said, the boys were "so thin their ribs were visible." According to Ullman, the boys' father wasn't around during the abuse. (Glasser's brother alluded to the fact that there is some kind of custody dispute going on concerning the children.)

A relative is looking after the two boys, and they are also being monitored by Child Protective Services.The two other children who were living in the home (both girls) were unharmed and are being monitored by the agancy.





child abuse, crime


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EmilyKC EmilyKC

Ummmm just based on the info in this article why are the other two kids still in their care?!?!?!

Kattey Kattey

I really hate some people.

Julia Saenz

they will turn on those girls to abuse with the boys gone. How is it even possible that they are allowed to have any children in their care. wtf

youth... youthfulsoul

Ya exactly. Why the heck are two other children left in the care of these crazies. No wonder there was a custody dispute. Who the hell would want these idiots raising their children. 

Ryans... Ryansmom87

If you read the linked article it says all the children were taken away and with relatives. These two are in jail.

Wileen Byroads

WHAT is wrong with these MONSTERS???????  Why would you starve a child????? If you don't want them turn them over to be adopted. For devilGod's sake don't hurt them!!!!!!!! 

nonmember avatar Danielle

This is very disturbing. I feel bad for the children.

A side note: Whomever wrote this article failed to edit it before posting. There are several errors in this short article. It is agency not "agancy", withholding not wtholding and in the part about Joseph's brother, you posted the name twice in a row, once without capitalization. Please take the time to fix your errors before posting articles about serious matters.

Belle... BelleVernonGirl

I hope someone knocks the fuck outta them in jail....

thefi... thefiregoddess

Really.. spell check is your friend so is proof reading.

nonmember avatar Tamera Palmer

Put them in jail and starve them. Sick people and protective services should be put in jail right along with them for being so stupid as to leave ANY children in there care.. some of these government jobs most are there for the pay check they dont give a dam about these kids. Like this case for example we are suppose to protect these kids not leave them in sick sadistic ass wholesale care.

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