Teacher Gives Student Lap Dance in Front of Middle School Class (VIDEO)

felicia smith teacherAt some schools, teachers allow the class to sing Happy Birthday to students, maybe even bring in a few cupcakes to celebrate. But one 42-year-old teacher in Houston, Texas, brought a student's birthday celebration to a whole other level.

She gave the 15-year-old student a lap dance.

In front of the whole class.

Felicia Smith, a 42-year-old middle school teacher, was charged last week with having an "improper relationship with a student."

According to a male student, just after class began, music started playing and his classmates began yelling at him to sit down in a chair that had been placed at the front of the room. He sat down and said Ms. Smith then gave him a 4-minute-long "full contact lap dance, rotating her buttocks against him and rubbing her hands all over his body." She also "got on her knees in front of him and placed her head between his legs." The student admitted that he slapped his teacher on the rear-end a few times. When she finished the dance, Smith said, "I love you, baby. Happy Birthday."

During questioning with investigators, Smith admitted giving the boy the lap dance. How could she do otherwise, when ... you saw this coming: the incident was caught on video tape. (You gotta know that's going to happen when you do a lap dance in a room full of middle-schoolers.)

Can you imagine if your child came home from school and instead of saying "nothing" when you asked him what happened that day, he said, "Ms. So-and-So gave So-and-so a lap dance for his birthday. AND he got to slap her butt!" Exactly.

Smith was freed on a $30,000 bond, and she's been relieved of her teaching duties at the middle school for now.




What do you think is the worst aspect of this story?

 Image via North Harris County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar David

The most distrubing part this story is that she is not unique any more. Females teachers are getting caught with the most outrageous sexual relationships quite frequently. Have not the ranks of teachers been a majority of females for 50 or so years especially 9th grade and below? Did we miss all this action say 30 years ago? I know males have been the culpable majority. Why should an adult population be trending like this? What distruction, we now live

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

*facepalm* This lady does NOT represent Texas!, she just happens to live here apparently! Smh

Valo446 Valo446

She is disgusting and why is a 15 year old in middle school?

kimmi34 kimmi34

Some middle schools include 9th grade. That would have him turning 15 in middle school. Or possibly he got held back a year at some point.

Kelly Walters

Seems like the public school system has many more perverts than the catholic church.

nonmember avatar Stephanie Brice

Sounds like someone's severance package pays more than her job.

nonmember avatar Ashley Ross

Kelly Walters that's uncalled for. The Catholic Church are not full of perverts. Please don't bash other peoples religion. And there is no need to judge us all over what a few did. All churches have some people who do awful things. It's a problem with the person, not the religion.

Rando... Randomlady

Maybe if schools had more funds they could install a security camera in every classroom, should at least keep the teachers behaving appropriately.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

What the hell?! What teacher sees this as appropriate, and who thinks she won't be caught?

Relieved of her duties "for now"? Uh. There's a chance of her getting her job back? Any job for that matter? I would FLIP if I were a parent in that district.

the4m... the4mutts

I want to smack the smug look of that ghetto slut's face

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