High School Girl Stabbed to Death After Prom Invite Apparently Goes Wrong

High schools all around the nation are having prom time right now. That can be one of the most cool, most fun, and also most stressful and degrading times for teens everywhere. And you never quite know which one it's going to be. But for one teen in Milford, Connecticut, prom time was deadly. Maren Sanchez, a popular 16-year-old junior who was class president, was pronounced dead this morning after being allegedly stabbed and choked in Jonathan Law High School after she reportedly turned down a boy's prom invite.


Milford Police Chief Keith Mello said that the boy accused of stabbing and choking Sanchez to death is not being identified because he is a minor. And police are investigating the rumor that he became angry after she turned down his prom invite -- however, that is not definitive yet.

A young girl just starting out her life who is murdered while in her high school where she should be safe is tragic and horrible enough. But if she really were attacked because she turned down a boy's invite, that's just everything that is so wrong with society today.

No one can handle rejection. Everyone thinks life is supposed to be one gold star after another. Are we creating these self-entitled youngsters? We tell our kids they are so special, they can do no wrong, they deserve everything and should get everything. Well, sorry, life isn't like that. I think it's great so much care is put into young people's self-esteem these days -- I think that's important. But there's a difference between that and not preparing your kids for rejection, which is going to happen throughout their lives.

Of course, we don't know exactly what happened here. We don't know if this boy was mentally ill.

But I do know there is such an enormous culture of violence directed at young women in this country. I know when I was younger if I said no to a man who asked me out, I could suddenly be bombarded with nasty names, told I was "frigid," a "bitch," a "lesbian," or "no wonder you are single," etc. Many men can't seem to fathom the idea that a woman might not want to date them. Maybe it's all the porn they watch. Porn women don't say no.

Whatever happened here, a young woman's life is lost and her parents must be devastated.

Do you think young people can't handle rejection?


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