Soldier Returns to Find Squatters Who Won't Leave His House (VIDEO)

Michael Sharkey has spent the last two years dutifully serving his country as a soldier in Afghanistan. He deserves to return home as a celebrated hero or, at the very least, be able to go back to the house he and his wife built together before he was deployed.

Instead, Sharkey is being forced to fight for property that belongs to him. While he was serving overseas, two squatters moved their stuff into his Florida home, changed the locks, and took over. Despite living without simple luxuries like running water, the stubborn squatters say they aren't going to abandon his home until they're good and ready. And police say there's not a darn thing they can do to help him.

Before he left, Sharkey asked his friend Lisa Pettus to keep an eye on his home while he was deployed. Meanwhile, his wife Danielle had relocated to Hawaii, where he is currently stationed. Pettus reportedly agreed to let Julio Ortiz help renovate the home, but she never expected to visit after the improvements were completed and find the man and his girlfriend Fatima Cardoso had moved right in and were treating the house as their very own!

The squatters, both of whom have spent time in jail for robbery and drug charges, told police they had a verbal agreement with Pettus that they could live in Sharkey's house rent-free in exchange for helping to fix up the place. Both Pettus and Sharkey deny this promise was ever made, but if you believe it, the freeloaders' claims hold more weight than you can imagine.

Police have told Sharkey there's nothing they can do to help him because squatters have rights. If the soldier and his wife want their home back, they'll have to shell out lots of money to fight the couple in court.

How disgraceful. I understand this situation is out of local cops' hands, but someone should be able to help Sharkey get back what rightfully belongs to him. I can't believe Ortiz and Cardoso wouldn't willingly give in and leave the house after hearing it belongs to someone who has dedicated his life to protecting their freedom. It's truly heinous and disrespectful. Let's hope Sharkey and his wife can reclaim their home -- without being forced to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees.

This video clip contains footage of Sharkey's house, as well as comments by Sharkey, Ortiz, and Cardoso:

Do you think the squatters have the right to take over this man's house?


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Carme... Carmen8706

I can't believe there aren't better laws to combat this. Couldn't the guy have got these squatters arrested for trespassing? Breaking and entering? Is the house in the soldier's name? I just don't get it.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Can someone please explain to my why thieves have rights to what isn't theirs? This squatting thing is so stupid and irritating. This man is out there serving a country that has laws set up to protect the people who stole his home. Disgusting.

the4m... the4mutts

He should just stalk the place, wait until they leave for food or whatever, and go in, change the locks and move their shit out. This is a mess. Squatters don't deserve rights to another person's home!

TheSi... TheSilence

I would just get together a bunch of my soldier friends, break into the house and lock them out. They can't stay in there forever.

What a bunch of thieving criminal scum.

calim... calimomma707

their probably not even legally here in the UNITED STATES

nonmember avatar MamaKay

@Calimomma, just because someone has a Hispanic name doesn't mean they're illegal aliens. And even if these two are, why go there? You make yourself look like a bigot and a fool. Coming grom someone with a Hispanic name and born in the UNITED STATES, please stop perpetuating hate and prejudice. You're not doing the world any favors. Clearly these two people are horrible individuals with no conscience. Regardless of race.

P.S. They're*

nonmember avatar Bill

Damn I've got to try this! Free house!

nonmember avatar Wow

I keep seeing this junk in the news and I will NEVER understand it!!!!!! If taxes/loans are up to date I don't understand why on earth this is legal!!!!!! I've left my house "open" for up to two years straight one time, fully furnished, heat low, etc returning every other week to mow the lawn and sometimes doing a walk thru the house, though only monthly or less. I was living about 45 minutes away, thank GOD no one pulled this crap. I assume I would have been arrested for harassment?! Because there's no chance I'd have taken it lightly!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would remove the door of MY house and begin tossing their junk into the yard. Complete with a nightly bon fire!!!

nonmember avatar phoenix

Well, the orignal article says the squatters are planning on moving out now, that veterans groups and others are stepping up to help, shall we say, "motivate" the squatters, and an attorney has offered his services for free. So the publicity of this story has done some good!

Rhodin Rhodin

Why wouldn't a simple eviction notice work? Sharkey's the legal owner, after all.

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