Woman Caught on Camera Taking Toy From Baby's Grave (VIDEO)

When you think about how low some people can go, you might think about, oh, say, people who steal flowers off graves. That's pretty damn low, isn't it? Now let's go even lower. Think of someone who steals a toy off a child's gravestone. You heard right. A toy off a child's gravestone. Holy moly, is someone out to win the Cad of the Century Award or something? But unbeknownst to this apparently heartless thief, she was captured on video.

Heartbroken parents in Ontario, Ohio had it tragic enough when their 14-month-old boy, Hayden "Tank" Cole Sheridan, passed away in 2007. But like any parents, they want his spirit to have toys and other things he enjoyed. So they put the gifts, including stuffed animals and nightlights, on his gravestone.

But, maddeningly, the things kept disappearing.

Finally, police set up a camera to try and catch the gravestone robber. In April, the family placed a yellow stuffed duck at Tank's grave, only to have it disappear four hours later. Who would do such a horrible thing??!! Well, the woman who appears on this video, that's who. Now police need the public's help in identifying her. Here is the sickening video:



Police don't know if this woman stole everything -- it's possible she just took the yellow duck. Even so, bad enough??!! Why??!! Do you have to have some mental disorder to be a douche this big? If so, that's no excuse. These parents have gone through enough pain, and they want nothing more than to feel like their little boy isn't forgotten -- and someone won't even let them have that comfort. Shameful!

Wanda Boyce, who says she is Tank's grandmother, wrote on Facebook:

Please keep reposting this so we can get her. This is my grandson and my daughter and son-in-law need her found so they can have peace.

Let's hope this woman is caught soon.

Have you ever had anything disppear off a grave?


Image via Ontario, Ohio Police

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shutu... shuturpiehole

Fata$$ ugly C*NT needs to be throat punched.

kayba... kaybayblee3

What a complete twatnugget. Who does that to anyone's grave? Especially a child's?! I hope somone knows who this is.

berit berit

What a gross waste of humanity that woman is

chris... christie516

There is no excuse for this, not a reason in the world!

nonmember avatar Meg

Call me cynical but I have always thought a lot of the stuff left on graves were stolen. Which is why I don't leave stuff there.

I will agree it is pretty low to steal from a grave though.

nonmember avatar Lilo

Many cemeteries have a portion of the calendar that allows for decorations. Do you ever wonder where all the faded fake flower memorials go? The cemetery caretakers remove them.

nonmember avatar Ashley

We never had anyone steal off of graves, but my friend's stalker used to put weird trinkets on her younger sister's grave. No idea if this still happens but I find that just as creepy. Who just hangs out in cemeteries anyway? Damn.

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

Lilo this isnt the same thing as having faded fake or dead flowers removed. Patrons would have been advised of cleaning schedules so these items aren't "disappearing". This is theft  pure and simple.

nonmember avatar Bill

Wow. It's just a toy...not like the kid will miss it...

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