Mom Leaves Toddler in Nightclub Storeroom While She Parties

So what's a woman to do when she wants to go out partying but she can't score childcare? Well, she could stay home. She could bring the child to a relative's or friend's house. Orrrr she could go to the nightclub anyway, stow the kid in a storeroom, and boogy down 'til dawn. Which is exactly what one dancing diva from France apparently decided to do. And to think I thought stupid mom tricks like this was reserved for the USA!

The woman, said to be in her 30s, reportedly brought her 2-year-old son with her to a nightclub called Sunset Boulevard, stuck him in a storeroom, and went to the dance floor, where she stayed for several hours.

The child was also reportedly asthmatic. Workers discovered the child in a fold-out crib in the storeroom and called police.

Wow, you can't even blame her age on this one. A woman in her 30s should know better. But apparently she never grew up. Was this better than leaving the child home alone? I guess? That's like choosing between two really bad ideas.

The mom was charged with child abandonment and taken to a drunk tank to sober up.

I will say times have certainly changed. While my mother never took me to a nightclub -- we didn't have those in our little town -- I was routinely brought to bars and let loose. I don't think I was as young as this though. It was just the kind of thing parents did. There once was a time when parents lined up their strollers outside of grocery stores and went inside to shop. You don't do that anymore either unless you want to get arrested.

I have to say parents have it kind of rough now. You're supposed to leech onto your kid 24/7. At a very young age, I could easily go most of the day without seeing my mother. (Not saying this was great, either. But it did teach me how to be independent.)

But, yeah, taking your toddler to a nightclub and storing the kid away in a backroom. Never a good idea.

Have you ever brought your kid somewhere strange?


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TheSi... TheSilence

Obviously your parents weren't great either. I don't know anyone whose parents brought them to bars when I was growing up.

nonmember avatar Anon

TheSilence - Obviously, you didn't grow up in the Midwest. Almost everyone I know was taken to the bars as kids. Most of our restaurants are bars with seating and awesome food :) We all turned out fine.....I think :)

taylo... taylor1623

^ not true. Where im from (very small farm town) its completely normal to see kids running around the bar while the adults talk farming and hang out. Its more 6-7pm mind you, but no one thinks the parents are bad parents.

mizza... mizzashley227

the mentality that has overcome people that suddenly you basically are a slave prisoner to parenthood and even going to dinner on a friday night is bad parenting needs to really stop. this conservative mentality that when your a mother your own life needs to stop and your one and only priority has to be caring for the baby is negative. people wonder why welfare recipients has increased because the idea that moms pursuing their own interests is looked down upon. yet at the same time theres a higher percent of women working than men. mothers need to also be able to have time to do things for themselves whether that means going to school to further education or training for a better job doesnt mean you are selfish. god forbid you put your child in day care to do something better for yourself.

your paragraph on the idea you have to leech onto you kid 24/7 got me on this rant.

now this chick is ratchet and apparently desperate. she obviously has some immature issues that need resolved or she really wanted one night to have some adult fun. but suck it up until you have someone reliable to properly watch your child. even in your 30s your still young and if you want a fun night out so be it. you arent a bad parent for wanting to do something for yourself but you are bad if you do this. i dont think a night out at the club was really worth criminal charges. smh

mizza... mizzashley227

@thesilence not exactly true. ive seen people take kids to the local bars to have a meet up with friends and enjoy a cocktail or a beer like taylor said its usually during the happy hour between 4pm and 7pm not 10 at nignt. the local dive bar here in my town also has a kitchen to serve food like bbq sandwiches burgers and fries. kids get to eat french fries and parents get to enjoy a drink. win win.

SoJaided SoJaided

Yep, I grew up going to bars with my mom. There was always tons of fun for us.

Bruic... Bruickson

I'm taking my 4 yr old to a bar on Friday. It's her grandfather's birthday and his gf is throwing a surprise party for him. We won't be drinking and we will be out of there long before her bedtime. The bar mostly caters to an older crowd and does karaoke so it's a laid back atmosphere. I don't see a problem with it. However, I would not take my child to a CLUB and lock her unsupervised in a storage room. That's just crazy talk.

Shelley Blackwell Burrell

mizzashley227... I normally do not comment on these stories but this one really caught my attention... If you're referring to the phrase, "I have to say parents have it kind of rough now. You're supposed to leech onto your kid 24/7." Then you obviously didn't learn what read between the lines meant... She wasn't stating that we should be under our kids 24/7, that only some people think we should. And I see more women being praised for bettering themselves and doing something other than staying home with their kids all the time then I do women being put down for it! Now maybe 50 years ago, yeah, that was the story then! The reason why there is so many on welfare is because we have a bunch of lazy people in America. There are jobs out there..... If I lost my job today, I would be up and at every establishment from my place to BFE until I found another one. People can now get paid and live better than us who work than to go get a job themselves. And Yes, I know there are some people out there that really do need help! I have been down that road myself, but it is suppose to be temporary! To help you get back on your feet again. And as for this insane 30 something year old, if you do something this stupid your not a good mother anyway! You don't just think out of the blue... "I'm gonna go clubbin tonight and lock my child in the storeroom." She's done irresponsible things like this the child's entire life and has gotten away with it!!!

TheSi... TheSilence

@Anon born and raised in Illinois.

nonmember avatar Miranda

Women like her should have their kids taken away n their tubes tied just saying

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