Heartless Mom Allegedly Faked Cancer to Rob Friends & Family of Thousands

What in the world is up with all of these women faking their own diseases in order to gain sympathy and money?! Yet another mom has reportedly lied about having cancer and was so good at deceiving the world -- and her own family -- that she actually raised more than $20,000! Not only did Mindy Taylor claim she suffered from cancer of the small intestine, heart disease, AND lupus, the 35-year-old married mom from Ohio went as far as setting up a blog on her CaringBridge.org donation page in which she posted heartfelt journal entries describing the pain she was experiencing as a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

It's difficult to believe Mindy was faking her disease all along, particularly because her diary entries are so spot-on and convincing. In February, she posted:

Wasn't a stellar day. I feel like a let down Addie today with my health. I know those days are gonna happen but not to me. I pride myself in being a mom first everything else second. It was a sobering thought and caught be between the eyes ... Thanks to Mom for talking me down from the cliff :) 

A few days later, in a post entitled, "I Will Fight for Addie," she wrote: "Doctors and a rough therapy appointment today, but I will forge on."

Mindy's mother created a separate online fundraiser for her and was able to raise $13,000 through the website. She also organized a spaghetti dinner for her daughter in her hometown, raising $7,000 -- all of which was supposed to go toward covering Mindy's medical expenses.

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Friends and strangers stood behind the mom, calling themselves "Mindy's Army" and even wearing wristbands in support of her.

Her payday finally came to an end after an anonymous tipster filed a complaint about her. Police gained access to her medical records -- which revealed she was healthy and had never been diagnosed with cancer. Mindy has been charged with felony theft -- but I can't help thinking the worst punishment she's going to face is having to mend all of the relationships she has probably destroyed with family members and friends.

I'm not excusing her actions, but I also can't help feeling bad for this mom. I agree with her lawyer that she is "sick," though obviously not suffering from a physical ailment. I wonder why she feels she needs so much attention and love -- what's lacking in her life that would make her do something so extreme and dishonest? I hope her family takes it easy on her and that she can get the help she needs.

Why do you think this mom faked having cancer? Do you feel empathy for her or does this just make you angry?


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nonmember avatar Liz

what a SICK lady. thats horrifying to the fullest

amomm... amommy2jack

Its called Munchausen Syndrome. Its a sick psychologoical need to be the center of attention in which the individual makes themselves physically ill by taking all kinds of poisonous substances or fakes it like Mindy. Its fairly well documented and she requires treatment for these issues.

nonmember avatar myop

I don't agree that this is "theft." No one forced the people to donate. Was it wrong? Yes. But like I said she did not STEAL the money, the people willingly donated it. Something like fraud would be more fitting.

fave82 fave82

I'm sorry but I don't consider her "sick". Everyone uses mental health as an excuse now a days. What this woman is, is a thief.

kayba... kaybayblee3

Where is the husband during all this time?(if she is married anyways)Why do people think it's acceptable to pretend/lie/cheat their way for some attention with something terrible like cancer?

Viki Jolly

It makes me sick that she would do this.  This woman makes it hard for people to trust and it makes me sick.  This lady has robbed other people who are really sick and could have really benefited from the help and support.  Because of her and others like her there are now people out there that will think twice about helping others just in case it is another scam.  I believe she should be made to donate the money she recieved through this deception to people who are really suffereing from cancer and could really use the help.


steph... steph0420

You hope her family takes it easy on her????

She stole time and money from them, she made them believe she was dying. I would never forgive somebody, family or not, for that. That's just too far. Stealing cash from a wallet or a credit card is one thing, this is on an entirely different level

nonmember avatar MK

I fear for her daughter. People with munchausen syndrome can hurt their family with what is called munchausen syndrome by proxy. She will probably start making her daughter sick to gain attention.

youth... youthfulsoul

Crazy that her husband didn't realize. You'd think a spouse would ordinarily attend at least one doctor's appointment. 

Ashley Ordiway

im guessing her karma will be that she will get cancer now....not that im wishing that on her but yeah that sounds like something karma would do...

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