Hot Navy Baseball Players Lip-Sync Best 'Frozen' Song Performance Yet (VIDEO)

Brad Borosak Matt Kilby

If you think parents and kids are the only ones who are all gaga over Disney's Frozen right now, you're totally mistaken. Apparently college baseball players are just as crazy about the flick.

Stop whatever you are doing immediately (other than reading this post) -- because this video of Navy's Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby lip-syncing to "Love Is an Open Door" will absolutely make your day and then some.

And if you think this sounds a little familiar, you aren't mistaken.

A couple months ago, a husband and wife team lip-synced to Frozen while their daughter cringed in the back seat of the car. And yes, they were annoying as hell, to say the least.

But these dudes? Let's just say I'd take a road trip with them any day of the week.

Check it out.

OMG. Classic, right? My favorite part was the guy who came into view from the back seat at the very end. Ok, scratch that. I loved the whole thing.

Now please excuse me while I go watch it a few more times and then kick myself over and over for doing so since I won't be able to get that damn song out of my head for days.

What did you think of this rendition of "Love Is an Open Door"?


Image via Matt Kilby/YouTube

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foxyj... foxyjean03

I like when the guy in the white shirt looks into the camera and smiles.   That was a cute video.

nonmember avatar lisa thomas

Why were they going so fast and not paying much attention to road they got their child in car how unresponsible can u get dangerous driving without due care and attention. Rant ova!

Saharra Saharra

We were all laughing at this! Lol! It was great!

nonmember avatar Meg1221

@ Lisa - that's not a child in the backseat. It's one of their teammates.

miche... micheledo

They basically copied the other couple.  

MomoJL MomoJL

Cute guys. I like :)


Cessna Foran

Lol I'm with some of the other comments!! I loved when the guy looked at camera and smiled all cheesy. Cute video!!!

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