Dad Accused of Killing 2-Year-Old So He Could Play Video Games

A dad is accused of suffocating his 2-year-old son for one of the most heinous reasons imaginable. At first, authorities thought he had left his baby alone for 10 days and the child starved to death, which is bad enough. (No word where the mom was.) But then eventually the man reportedly confessed that he had done the unthinkable. He had deliberately put his hands over the toddler's nose and mouth and suffocated him -- all so he could go to an Internet cafe and play video games.

Apparently the man, who lives in South Korea, stayed at the Internet cafe playing video games for 10 days. Think about it. Ten days. At an Internet cafe. And he looked his baby in the eyes, placed his hands over the child's mouth, and took his life away from him -- so he could go back to gaming.

I'm not saying that his addiction wasn't a choice. There are therapists who will say that behaviors can't be addictions -- only substances like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and food can. I say that anything you can't stop doing despite extreme detriment to yourself or a loved one is an addiction of sorts.

You might be one of those people who can easily have one or two glasses of wine. That doesn't mean there are those who can't do that without going on a three-day bender. There are people who cannot handle the things you can. I put video games in that category (and horror films).

This doesn't mean it's an EXCUSE. There are NO excuses for killing your child. It's just something that contributes to what happened.

This isn't the first we've heard of this kind of thing. In April 2010, a man was accused of shaking his baby to death because the kid was crying and disturbing his video game playing. Usually we hear of the video game playing kid doing the killing -- like the teen who killed his mom after she took away his video game.

Remember, video game addiction is not an excuse for anything. It is just one more behavior, like gambling or shopping or having sex, that can cause hormonal fluctuations and brain wave activity to change -- which can become addictive. And when people are ruled by the demands of their brain chemicals, who knows what they will do.

No matter the "reason," this is horrific and this poor little boy deserved so so much better. This guy sounds utterly sociopathic -- he reportedly even checked his hair in the mirror of an elevator while he carried the suitcase that contained the body of his son.

Do you think gaming can be an addiction?


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nonmember avatar Lana

How awful. The S Korean news are reporting the child's mother was away for days at a time working in a factory. May this boy RIP and my condolences to the mother.

SaphireH SaphireH

absolutely it is, my husband is a recovering computer gaming addict playing FF11 or almost destroyed our marriage because he would game 18+ hours a day for 3 years, spending like $12 a month on it when there were days we would struggle just for diapers but heavens forbid the game didnt get paid, him ignoring me and the kids leaving me to do everything for them/with them and if I even tried to get him to put it up for anything he would scream and swear at us. I tried so many times to beg him just to knock a hour off to come sit with the kids but it never worked. how i stuck it out for 3 years is beyond me, everyone told me to break his laptop, leave and take the kids but some how i stayed. but once everything went to hell earlier this year because i turned to to my best friend for sex because i hadnt had it in 9+ months (no excuses i know) after i was shoved away for the game and when the truth came out we almost ended our marriage but after long talks we realized ending it wasnt something either of us wanted and he did give it up 100%,even got rid of his account.NO i wasnt a controlling bitch, i never got on his ass about anything other than to give attention to the kids because they couldnt understand why daddy would get mad/swear at them just for trying to cuddle up to him, it was just him going back to his old hs ways when he used to play it constantly. i am very grateful we are still together because we love each other we just lost sight of that


Brian Corleone

It is, most certainly an addiction. The brain becomes addicted to the hormones mentioned in the article. And, speaking as a recovering alcoholic (30 years sober,) I agree it is NOT an excuse! At best, it is an explanation. Regardless, this guy is an animal and deserves the worst possible punishment. I say that as a father of seven boys.

nonmember avatar tealeaf

no excuse for this my husband and I love our games as well but our kids come first no matter what theirs always time for games but you only have so long with your babies before they grow up....

Paula Geldard

Arsehole dosent bare thinking ;0( RIP little one die a horrible death father 😞😢 x

nonmember avatar Crissa

it is not an addiction that I a bull shit line it called not growing the f*ck up and taking responsibility! We say things are addiction and try to make it like a disease my ex was all about games and has "an addictive personality" and he used it for n excuse for everything down to cheating on me...It's a cop out for not growing up and being responsible. You can game and enjoy the feelings it gives you but when it coms down to it you need to control your own person. This type of "man" who is nothing more than a child needs to be castrated and put in jail where the inmates know his crime...death is too easy for this kind of piece of sh*t. I feel for the mother and am very sad about the baby.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I actually broke up with the father of my baby because of gaming! I got ported an opportunity to better or life (me him and baby) and his response was and I quote " I can't believe you're taking me away from the one thing I love, my Xbox!" After reading this I now know I made the right choice by leaving.

nonmember avatar Pepper

Gaming can absolutely be an addiction, I played the same game for 18 hours a day for years. I don't play it any more, but I neglected myself and those around me while I was playing.
However, I always made sure my son was fed, clean and happy. I never got angry when I had to stop to do something. The neglect was time, my son deserved more of it, and I was able to see this and change.
I can see how some people might be "more" addicted than I was. But that is no excuse to endanger (or take!) the life of another human being, period.
Now my son likes to play games, but only after chores and homework, he's a high honors student who has a job and never gets in trouble... so I can't complain when he wants to shoot at zombies with his friends. lol

mande... manderspanders

Wow, Kiri...way to misrepresent the facts by trying to generate compassion for an "addict".

You left out the part where not only did he murder his son, he stuffed him in a suitcase, left it near his home,  and then reported his child as missing.

That's just fucking depraved.  No compassion, no excuses. No sympathy.

I'm so sorry for what this boy must have suffered before his death.

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