Dad Jailed for Overdosing at Fast Food Playground While His Kids Played

Parents who brought their two young children to a Cincinnati, Ohio McDonald's play yard did the unthinkable. While sitting there watching their children, ages 8 and 5, play, the two reportedly decided to get high on heroin. That's bad enough. But then what happened next rises this to the level of jaw-droppingly tragic. The two both overdosed and almost died.


Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, and Robert Paul Palmer, 37, were both arrested on child endangerment charges after employees found the two unresponsive in the McDonald's play area. Jeffers was worse off -- she wasn't even breathing. Police say the overdoses were "life threatening."

Palmer was recently sentenced to six months in prison and Jeffers will be tried on April 21.

This is such a brutal thing for these kids to witness. Young as they are, they must have known something was wrong with mommy and daddy.

It's unclear where the children are now.

I'm generally against drug addicts going to prison. I think they need rehab and help. However, prison can be a good place to dry out. It is one place it is going to be extremely difficult to get drugs. (Presumably!)

So perhaps this is what Palmer needs. But he also needs rehab and support. I hope he's able to get this when he gets out. I hope Jeffers does too. This couple have two young children who need them and are counting on them. They don't need parents who are in and out of prison, in and out of rehab, or zonked out on drugs -- or dead.

I understand the emotional and biological hunger that drives people to get addicted to drugs. I understand that heroin, and most drugs, can be incredibly difficult to beat. I also feel that people who are addicts don't mean to hurt their kids -- but they do. And they must take responsibility for that.

Hopefully this is the wake-up call the two need to get their lives in order and do what is right for their kids.

Do you think a prison sentence was warranted?


Image via Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

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