7 Babies Found Dead in One Utah Home

Megan HuntsmanGet ready to read the shocking story to end all shocking stories this morning. A woman in Utah was arrested after police found the remains of seven infants that were gruesomely stored in different cardboard boxes in a garage. I'm going to guess you read that sentence over a few times to make sure you had actually read that correctly. Sadly, you did -- it's that horrific. Megan Huntsman, who is 39, is believed to have given birth to all of the babies between 1996 and 2006 before killing each and placing their bodies in separate boxes.

Hunstman's ex-husband was cleaning out the garage when he found a box that looked suspicious. After taking a glance at what was inside, he discovered a "full-term" baby. Absolutely bananas. He contacted police, and that one phone call opened a whole crazy can of worms when investigators discovered the bodies of six additional infants. All of the babies were found in the garage. Reportedly, the ranch-style home was split up into two apartments and is owned by the ex-husband's parents.

According to Megan's neighbors, the woman has three daughters whose ages range from 13 to 20 years old. Megan's ex-husband is believed to be the father of the babies, but investigators are going to conduct DNA tests. Regardless, Megan is being charged with six counts of murder.

Assuming the details of this story are true, what would drive this woman to get pregnant so many times, only to end her babies' lives? And how on Earth can any mother give birth, look into her baby's eyes, and then actually kill that innocent soul? Did somebody help her do it?

So many questions we can't yet answer. But what we do know is really difficult to wrap our minds around.

Why do you think this woman would give birth to and then kill seven babies? Assuming the story is accurate, do you think she acted alone?


Image via Utah County Jail

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Even scarier to think about ... is it 100% confirmed that these babies are all hers? What if they aren't? It seems unlikely -- but what if? So awful all the way around!

nonmember avatar Tab

They're saying the 7th baby was stillborn hence why she not being charged with it. She needs to be fryed....

luvmy... luvmybubs

I don't understand why you went to the trouble of making a big deal about the babies and the new house owners. The house was owned by the woman's ex husbands family. Her three daughters ( two adults and one teen) still have been living in the house for the past three years. Was it all to try to make the story more interesting? What happened to journalistic integrity?

Cassi... CassieMarrie

Did you read the article before you rewrote it? The person who found them was the womans husband, they had been separated, she move and he stayed in their home. i am really beginning to doubt the accountability of the stories cooking from the stir .

kathe... katherine.pryde

also how did the ex-husband not notice 7 times that his wife was pregnant and the baby dissappeared?  


Wow! If you're going to blog about a story, don't be so lazy and not read the entire story. I know The Daily Mails stories can run a bit long,but you look very lax by not putting in facts that are known. Was it really so hard to read that her ex husband found the bodies, that he had been incarcerated for 9 years and had returned to his family home?

nonmember avatar sarah

Katherine the woman had 7 babies in ten years and by the looks of her mugshot does not look like she is rail thin. People are able to hide pregnancies all the time, especially if they are not getting proper care during their pregnancies which I am guessing this woman did not do since she already was planning on killing all the babies once born.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

Pity that the name Crazy Eyes has been taken.

iicar... iicarmerin

The original story said that this women had moved out and left her teenage and young adult children living in the home. It makes me question if she was the only one involved.

nonmember avatar Anon

I guess this wouldn't have been a big deal of she aborted 7 babies?

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