Pediatrician Gets What He Deserves for Waterboarding 11-Year-Old Daughter

dr. morse waterboardingDr. Melvin Morse and his wife Pauline Morse were accused of waterboarding their own 11-year-old daughter in 2012. It was alleged that Dr. Morse, who is a pediatrician, held the child's head beneath a faucet so water would go up her nose and across her face. Torture, apparently, as punishment. I don't believe there is anything this child could have done to deserve this. The mother was there but didn't participate though she didn't stop it from happening either. Dr. Morse, who is the child's step-father, is also known for near-death experiments on children. Terrifying.

The case went to court and a verdict has been given. Justice? Maybe. But when Morse is finished serving his sentence, he will still be in her life.

Superior Court Judge Richard F. Stokes gave Dr. Morse a five-year sentence, but he could be out of jail in three years with probation.

The girl's mother Pauline was charged with misdemeanor endangerment and testified against her husband saying how he used waterboarding as a form of punishment. The child was also forced to stand with arms outstretched for hours and even deprived of food while forced to stay in her room. Awful.

While Dr. Morse is not this child's biological father, he is the father of her younger sister. It's unclear how active he will continue to be in this family's life, but no matter what there is so much healing ahead of them. I cannot imagine how this child feels. She is now just 12 years old. There must be such a sense of fear, issues with trust, and deep hurt. I hope she is able to overcome, and find a way to forgiveness with her mother as well.

What do you think of the sentencing? Does Dr. Morse deserve more time?


Image via Delaware State Police

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Are you fucking nuts! You think he got what he deserved...Unfucking believable. But then again this is The Stir where all crimes should have sentences as soft as possible.

Heather Jones

A life sentence for doing drugs (only harming yourself) and 5 years max for *literally* torturing a child. 



There's no words for this level of ridiculiousness. 

Nelli... NellieAthome

PRIMA487 - I don't care for most of Ms Zip's article but nowhere in this one do I see any indication that she thinks the sentence is what he deserved. In fact the only statement I see abut deserving a punishment is this clear indictment of what he did - "I don't believe there is anything this child could have done to deserve this."

sea-soul sea-soul

Read the title nellieathome


Thank You sea-soul!

Adrian Roberts

sure he needs more time and do him like he did the little girl, hold the food ,make him stand with out stretched arms put head under wated and pull him up just before drowning. i would hate him if he was mine .

nonmember avatar Jennifer Boucha

Holy crap, is he still a pediatrician? I hope not , yikes.

Christene Jaramillo

5 yrs for torturing a child.. our justice system is a joke.  He should face life in prison or death, and mom should be serving at least 20 years.

Dawn Giguere

He should get LIFE....... 5 years is a complete joke...... the mom should get at least 10-20.

nonmember avatar Kay Gates

There could never be a stiff enough sentence for actions like this. Not only did he abuse a child.. (never acceptable) but this was a child he was a parent to. That is a whole nother level of sick. My oppinion, he gets locked up fir EVER

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