Woman Who Killed Baby After Giving Birth in a Bar Gets Perfect Sentence

baby's feetAt just 27, Amanda Hein's life seems all but over. The young woman was just sentenced to life in prison. Her crime? She killed her baby boy after giving birth to him in the bathroom of a bar last August. Now many are asking the question if this sentence is fair. The answer is simple:

Yes. A resounding yes.

Hers is certainly a tragic story. She pleaded guilty to smothering her baby just moments after he was born alive and healthy at a pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Instead of going to get help, she wrapped him in a plastic bag and hid his tiny body in the toilet tanks.

Missing for nearly 40 minutes, her friends were texting her, but she never responded. When she came back to the group, she was covered in blood stains but asked them to ignore it.

Clearly there was something wrong with her -- and not just physically. My first inclination when I hear these types of cases is to be empathetic. Things are rarely cut and dry. There is no telling what exactly brought her to that horrid decision. Did she have a bad home life? Was she abused and neglected? I can't help but assume there is some hidden horror there.

The poor girl was probably scared and her hormones were out of control after the delivery. She has since said that she was on drugs for depression. Her lawyers claimed that she thought the baby had died and panicked. However, that doesn't explain her behavior following the incident. She continued to drink and smoke with friends. But there is just no way to give a crime like this leniency. What she did was despicable. She could have walked out of that bathroom, leaving that defenseless baby for someone else to find -- but she didn’t. It's sad to say, but she deserves every single year of that sentence.

Do you think this sentence was too harsh?


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JaiLei JaiLei

I'm sorry but no. Perfect sentence. She could have walked that baby out and took him to a hospital, police station, or fire station. NO FREAKING QUESTIONS ASKED. The bitch deserves to rot.

Wyatt... WyattsMom772

after giving birth, mind you it was a c section,I could never had drink and smoke as if nothing happened? The physical toll itself is tremendous. total pyscho

youth... youthfulsoul

She's 27, not a child. She could have left the baby in there alive and still walked away. POS deserves life in prison.

katie314 katie314

Not harsh enough.


The poor girl is Fucking 27! That is NOT a child.

craft... craftycatVT

A girl at 27? I'm sure there are lots of us on here, myself included, that were mothers at that age, and wouldn't dream of suffocating a baby. If you have a bad home life at 27, you change it! At that age, you're no longer at the mercy of your parents or guardians.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Everybody in America knows about the safe haven law. She's a grown woman who killed a little innocent baby. She deserves life.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

*In general population

nonmember avatar Megab

This happened about 30 mins from my house. This "girl" knew exactly what she was doing. I'm tired of people blaming mental illness every time something as tragic as this happens. He deserves the death penalty not spending life in prison, what makes her life more valuable than that defenseless baby??? I hope she gets hers when they put her in general population.

TMK919 TMK919

This case has been insane. (It's local to me) the latest is a witness trying to hook up with a juror via Craigslist missed connections!

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