5 Kids Left Alone in Filthy House While Grandma Gambles at Casino

Slot MachinesSome things change when you become a mom, and the ability to come and go as you please when you have little kids is one of them. Children are not pets ... you can't just leave them alone while you gallivant off to the slots.

This should be common sense, but apparently not for Crystal Hernandez, the 34-year-old Florida grandmother who left her four kids and one grandchild at home so she could go to the casino.

She was arrested at her home on Tuesday after neighbors called the cops when the five kiddos were wandering around outside asking people for food. They ranged in age from 2 to 12. No word on where the mother (or father?) of the grandchild was, or if Hernandez has custody.

She doesn't have custody of any of them anymore, and it isn't just because she left them home alone to go gambling. Apparently the environment of the house was toxic and unlivable. We are talking pee and poop awful here.

In a report, Broward Sheriff's Deputy Matthew McGee noted that the overwhelming smell of urine and feces in the house was "almost unbearable to stand."

According to McGee, there was also "feces on the kitchen counter, along with feces on the floor," and "dirty clothes were thrown around the residence, along with old food." The one place there wasn't any food was in the cupboards, and there was only "minimal" food in the fridge.

All five children were removed by the authorities, and Hernandez is being held on $5,000 bond.

What is wrong with people? How can anyone think it's OK to live like that? Leaving your 12-year-old in charge of four younger children without provisions is bad enough, but leaving them in squalor? Heck, living in it every day?

She's a grandmother, for Pete's sake. Isn't there supposed to be some sort of special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren? Something about wanting to spoil them and nothing ever being good enough for them? Apparently Hernandez didn't get the memo.

Which do you think was the worse offense -- leaving the kids to gamble or the living conditions of the house?


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Barbara Simon

Wait...34 year old grandmother?!?

Ajack324 Ajack324

Yea, Wtf? So logic would assume that either the 1 grandchild was the 1 year old with possibly the mother being the 12 year old? Making her younger than 11 when she had the kid. Something just doesn't add up here... but then again it's a twisted world. But regardless who gave birth to who, 34 is a pretty f*ing young grandma

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Ajack324, the youngest was 2 and the ages do make sense. Gma had a kid at 16, that kid had a kid at 16 as well, which gives you a 34-yr-old gma, 18-yr-old kid, and his/her 2-yr-old. I agree, it IS a twisted world!

nonmember avatar SiouxzeeQ

I cannot imagine the emotional and physical detrimental psyche these babies have been subjected too. And for how long. Think how shes already got a 2 year old grandchild which means the mother too that child is repeating the cycle.

Casey Langermann

I would assume that she has an older daughter or son who the youngest child (2) belongs to. If she had a child at 16, and her child had their child at 16 then that would make her a 34 year old grandmother of a 2 year old. Math, people.

Beth Cox

It said they range from 2-12 so guessing the grandchild was 2 and the 34 year must have an older child. Kids having kids :(

Ray Gonzalez

I think the issue here is not the obvious math but the issue of the 12 year old. Is the 12 year old her grandchild? If so, that makes her 22 when the child was born.

Dinah Kaman

34 year old grandmother,she should have been spending money on birth control for her and her kids.

nonmember avatar me

Shes a 34 y old grandmother. I think that says all you need to know. Obiviously there hasnt been stellar decision making in her family for quite some time

nonmember avatar Wes

Having a 12 year old babysit is not illegal, nor surprising. Nor is the fact that she's a 34 year old grandmother. Hello, this is America. Teen moms are nothing new. I'm sure the reason that she was arrested was because of the state of her house and the fact that they had no food both equal neglect. Some people are just filthy, lazy pigs. Poor kids.

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