Woman Mugged on Live TV During Interview About High Crime Rate (VIDEO)


woman mugged live tv

Talk about terrible timing! So here we have this innocent, seemingly very sweet woman getting called over to be interviewed in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. She was talking about the high crime rate in the area. Okay, cool, seems innocent enough. But what happened next is the reason why her interview footage is making headlines everywhere.

Some brazen criminal walks up behind this poor woman and attempts to steal her gold necklace right off her neck in front of the camera as it was rolling! He didn't get away with the necklace, thank goodness, but he managed to break the chain, then fled into oncoming traffic.

The interviewer, Eduardo Tchao, who works for RJTV, tried to catch up to the thief, but the little brat was able to outrun him.

Can you believe it? Of course you want to watch it all go down for yourself!

Check it out:

Crazy, right?!

No wonder officials in the Brazilian city are so worried about the rising crime rates. Reportedly, in August last year, there were 406 killings in Rio de Janeiro and the surrounding areas. In just one month! It represented a huge 40 percent increase from the year before. Muggings went up the same amount, as there were 629 robberies on public transport in August alone too.

Guess we can add another mugging to the April 2014 statistics? Or at least a mugging attempt!

So if you have made any plans to attend the World Cup this summer, let this be a warning to you (or even the Summer Olympics in 2016!). With the crime rate being so notoriously high, you must have all your wits about you, no matter how much you want to drink your face off during the festivities. Clearly if criminals are brazen enough to steal something off of you even if they see cameras actually filming you, things must be pretty desperate and scary. Be careful out there! And let's hope this poor woman recovers from what was surely a disturbing, violating experience.

Have you ever been mugged?


Image via Canal On/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Marz

I'll be there, but I am well aware that I shouldn't carry anything of value. Even my World Cup tickets will be tucked deep into my clothes. I apologize in advance to the employee who is required to touch my soggy tickets.

4cadi... 4cadillac

Wat idiot iz going 2 try & mug sum1 while there iz a camera around? I'm not buying this 1.

Andrew Hvatum

One more person who is a waste of oxygen. Hopefully someone in his neighborhood takes care of him in a permanent fashion.

Every time I see something like this it solidifies my opinion that smart policing as is done in New York must continue. Minimal police presence doesn't work until you eliminate the culture of violence.

nonmember avatar Marz

4cadillac, it happens all the time in Brazil.

MamaY... MamaYankee

Well- people in the US kee bashing government programs like food stamps etc. What do you think will happen when people have no money/food to feed their familes? Brazil is this way because of extreme poverty and low income compared to the cost of living. I'm not saying it's right, but desperate people do desperate things.

MamaY... MamaYankee

And btw-no I do not receive any benefits. And yes I have been to Brazil . Just an observation...

nonmember avatar Ya nan

Karma. She must have done something to deserve it.

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