Mom May Have Stopped Her Son’s Murder With Help of Facebook

facebookA lot of parents are reluctant to spy on their kids. However, one Utah mom is grateful that she did. She was taking a look at her son's Facebook page and saw that someone had posted several deadly threats. The words were frightening enough to send her straight to the police.

"There were very specific threats that they were going to go to the high school and shoot her son," a police detective said. I can only imagine the panic she experienced reading those words. Bullying and name calling is one thing, but to think that someone might want to kill your child is just horrific.

She discovered the nasty messages a week ago on Facebook and Instagram from two teen boys who reportedly had it out for her son. Some of the photographs even showed a hand holding a gun and the hand had gang-affiliated signs on it. The entire scenario is chill-inducing.

Her first call was to the school resource officer to tell them about the threats, then the police. Fortunately, cops found the boys, who did not attend the high school. They also found a gun, loaded clip, marijuana, and lots of cash in their car. Cops say that gang violence in Salt Lake City is at an all-time high.

There is no telling what they would have done if this mom hadn't been so proactive. And her poor son must have been terrified after becoming the target of those thugs. This is one violation of privacy I hope he is thankful for.

Do you monitor your kids' social media accounts?


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worki... workingmama86

If my kids don't want me monitering their accounts, then they don't get them. That's the rule in my home. 

Sunny... SunnyDaze87

thank goodness for meddlin mothers.

Joanne Allana Arnold

Seems to me if she had "meddled" more, her kid wouldn't be involved with kids in gangs. Way to be a parent in the nick of time here...

Sunny... SunnyDaze87

how do you know these kids weren*t just bullying this kid? just because someone is bein targeted by gang members doesn*t mean they necessarily have to be involved. guess all the innocent people killed in gang robberies&drivebys were askin for it too huh? dumbass answer Joanne.

nonmember avatar Brianne

Joanne- Who are you to judge on this womans parenting? No where does it specify why these gang members were targeting her son. Even if he was affiliated with them..that does not mean she was'nt a good parent. Sometimes kids get themselves into bad situations. Thankfully nothing happened.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Wow! How scary! I'm glad mom was able to see this and do something.

Leanna Godshall

this is why i do not allow my daughter to have one..if she wants to talk to her friends she can do so under my is completely open and i can see what was said with is all about being pro-active and not just 100% trusting young teens

Annoy... Annoyed223

I monitor my son and daughters. And she is 18 and I keep an eye on things.

nonmember avatar Heather

It is not only important but your RESPONSIBILITY as a parent to limit and monitor your child's social media involvement. If we start instilling self confidence and morals in our children they will not need to seek out undesirable attention through Facebook and other means. Be unvilved aware and ever vigilant. The obscene and self degrading attention seeking is calling for YOU, the parent to get involved!!!!!!!!

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