Son Says Nursing Home ‘Defiled’ His Mom With Entertainment That Went Too Far

A nursing home resident's son is suing the home for "defiling" his mother. While that sounds pretty horrific, wait 'til you hear why he believes his mother was "defiled." The nursing home reportedly hired a male stripper to come entertain the elderly residents. Franklin Youngblood, whose 85-year-old mom Bernice lives at the home, was incensed when he came to visit her and among her belongings found a photograph of his mom -- stuffing dollar bills into a muscular man's G-string. Oh boy.

Franklin confronted the staff about what had gone on, but he claims he was ignored, and one staff member even tried to snatch the pic away from him.

The home had reportedly hired the dancer as part of some entertainment for the residents -- but Franklin, who sounds like a real kill joy, thinks it was just sick entertainment for the staff. His lawsuit says:

Bernice Youngblood has lived 85 years as a traditional Baptist, hard-working, lady ... And now she has been defiled.

Err, Franklin. No offense, but you came into the world somehow. Something tells me Bernice has been "defiled" before.

As someone with a close relative in a nursing home, I can say that I wouldn't feel the same about this event. Nursing homes are constantly coming up with ways to entertain patients; otherwise, they sit in their rooms all day watching TV. Why not try to spice it up a little? Just because you get old doesn't mean you lose all your mojo!

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Unless Franklin is his mother's conservator, he doesn't necessarily have legal ground to stand on. He claims his mother "lacks the mental and physical capacity" to be around a gyrating mostly-naked male -- however, unless he had become her conservator in court, that is not the case. People in nursing homes are still considered adults capable of making their own decisions -- though that's not always necessarily for the best, of course.

I'm sure the nursing home didn't drag Bernice over to the dancer and force her to stuff bills down his front. She doesn't look too unhappy in the photo. Maybe Franklin needs to lighten up a bit.

Also, I bet the guys are wondering when they get their female stripper.

Would you want strippers at your parents' nursing home?

Image via Owen Franken/Corbis

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It wouldn't bother me at all unless my relative was bothered. That guy is a Party Pooper.

Jozemom Jozemom

I think the son was looking out for the best interest of his mother. He knows his mothers moral stand and that she would not have been comfortable with this when she had full use of her faculties. I certainly hope when I am old my children care about me as much as this man does. 

Melody Billington

I certainly hope that when I am old my children allow me to have the fun I choose to have without complaining that I've lost all my marbles.  I doubt the nursing home forced her to participate in which case she made a decision to go have a little fun. 

the4m... the4mutts

I don't think that any of us has the right to an opinion here. It depends on SO MANY factors, that it's just up to the courts. We don't know if her money was legally locked away, or if the home did it as a courtesy. We don't know if they needed legal permission to take the money out. We don't know WHY the woman is in the home to begin with. If her mental faculties are the reason, then she very well may have been sexually assaulted, since she didn't have the capacity to know if she was okay with it or not.

If it's just a physical reason, then it's up to her, not him.

But if his suit has even passed the front office, then he must have a legal right to sue on her behalf, meaning it's probably her mental capacity in question, and he is probably the one to legally make those decisions about her money, care, and treatment.

nonmember avatar lelly

I work at a nursing home and this would never happen. a stripper at a nursing home? these people are from a more.respectable time. this would not be entertainment for them

nonmember avatar meghan

Best Nursing Home Ever

nonmember avatar maia

I read in an other article that she had alzheimer and she's in a wheelchair. on the pic she was back to the wall the stripper leanin on her so even if she wanted to leave it'd be really hard.

Tammy Andrews

I better be placed in this nursing home and I my kids better keep my dollar bills ready! Way to go grandma! #raised bapist her son is looking for a payout

Kelly Walters

If the residents all have full mental functions than I don't have a problem with it.  But I read this is a dementia ward.  Have any of you ever been around a loved one with dementia?  If you had, you wouldn't be defending this.

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