New Mom Kills Mother-in-Law Who Moved In to Help Her With Baby

A new mother's relationship with her mother-in-law can be strained at best, but this one turned nightmarish. Ellyzabeth Rainey, 20, was a new mom who was under a huge amount of stress -- she reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and was going through a divorce. No doubt her husband's mother, Deborah Rainey, thought she was doing the right thing by moving in with the couple to help take care of their 2-month-old baby. But things soon became heated between Ellyzabeth and Deborah, who had a history of arguing, and then they turned into the stuff of horror movies.

Ellyzabeth and her husband, Jason, were living with Jason's mom, Deborah, in an apartment in Colorado Springs when one day a neighbor called police over a noise complaint. Police arrived to hear a baby crying and spotted a bloody knife.

Ellyzabeth reportedly told officers that she had just killed someone and threw the baby at them in an attempt to escape. The child was unharmed and Ellyzabeth was arrested. Soon, cops discovered the gruesome thing that Ellyzabeth had done.

The new mom's mother-in-law was dead and stuffed under a mattress. Ellyzabeth killed her by pouring boiling hot water on her, throwing free weights at her, stabbing her, and then pouring bleach into her mouth and nose. I can't imagine a more horrific way to die.

The sad thing is that Ellyzabeth had only recently been hospitalized for hearing voices that were warning her about her mother-in-law, and she was apparently hallucinating. She also claims she has been bipolar since she was a child, though she took no medication for it. Combine that with being a new parent and going through a divorce and not getting along with your MIL anyway -- well, this was a disaster waiting to happen.

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It's tragic that Deborah had moved in to take some of the pressure off the couple -- and paid with her life.

Ellyzabeth was found guilty and sentenced to 41 years in prison. It doesn't sound like Ellyzabeth got much mercy for having a mental disorder. Granted, it is difficult to feel sorry for someone who committed this kind of unspeakable crime. But it sounds like Ellyzabeth was in no position to be taking care of a baby at that time. It's tragic she didn't get more help before this happened.

Do you think this was the right sentence?


Image via Spring Police Dept.

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AliPa... AliParker

I think the sentence was fair. In my opinion, if she would have had some psychotic break and just stabbed her to death or similar that's one thing. But she tortured that woman. It couldn't have been quick. It took time and she never stopped. I'm glad her baby was ok.

Katha... Katharine205

Hmmm, I think there's more to this story.  I absolutely agree that the woman should be imprisoned for at least 41 years for what she did, however I wonder if having the MIL live there on top of being off kilter to begin with sent her over the edge.  Was she on board with the MIL moving in or was it forced on her?  Why didn't the father see something was wrong with this lady and do something about it?  He could of taken care of the baby while she got help...or taken the baby unless she got help.  There had to be another way instead of the MIL moving in with them.  If my MIL had moved in with us after my daughter was born I would of been fit to be tied.


Oh my!! I have no words at all--I am flabbergasted (sp?).

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Is it wrong that my first thought was "this is what happens when you give kids horribly misspelled names"? Yeah, I'm going straight to hell.

nonmember avatar Carlie

See. SOMETIMES you CAN judge a book by its cover. She looks straight up insane. 41 years doesn't sound like enough though. Keep her there forever she should never be part of society again.

nonmember avatar Me from Co Spgs

The mental health help here in Colorado Springs is the worst I've ever seen so even if she was getting help from the mental health monopoly business called Aspen Pointe here that may not have been helpful or it could have made her bipolar worse(when I went there they only gave me meds that made my bipolar worse and I was hospitalized many times.) I'm not trying to blame the system for this but I honestly can't help but wonder if she was going to this horrible place.

merma... mermaid13dragon

oh my god!!! and I thought I had arguments with my mom when she came to help with the baby.. Poor woman should've received some help for PPD BEFORE this happened. Now she doesn't get to be a mom to her baby and is a murdered. Lose, Lose situation!! so sad!

nonmember avatar Stella

She should have went on DWIL for help BEFORE her mother in law moved in

Kelly Walters

The poor mother-in-law!  I'm guessing she moved in to protect the baby as much as anything else.  She probably knew daughter-in-law had mental problems.

chris... chrissy6309

Does anyone else notice that it says they were getting divorced?  The mother in law had no business being there in the first place.

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