Teacher's Fight With Alleged Drug Dealing Student Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

Being a teacher isn't easy. They have to deal with everything from disrespectful class clowns to bullies. Though one Santa Monica High School science teacher faced a situation he likely never expected. He caught a kid dealing marijuana in his classroom. Even more shocking is that he could end up losing his job for trying to stop him.

Teacher Mark Black, who is also the head wrestling coach, confronted the alleged drug peddler and the kid threw a punch. Black defended himself by tackling the kid, trying to subdue him and the entire melee was caught on a camera phone.

I guess this kid messed with the wrong teacher.  Unfortunately, this has landed him in hot water. The school district is calling his attempt to restrain the teen "unacceptable."

However, I can't imagine that parents would agree. Black saw a kid endangering the welfare of his other students, not to mention committing a very serious crime. Then he was attacked. What was he supposed to do? He was willing to step in and put himself in harms way to do the right thing. The real problem is this drug-dealing student.

Do you think Black was wrong to tackle the student?


Image via YouTube


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Elaine Cox

the teachers who should lose the jobs never do and the ones who should keep the jobs never do

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

Nope. He did the right thing. Hope that kid gets charged as an adult for the drugs AND attacking the teacher.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Sometimes a little ass whooping is in order. Sell drugs in a classroom and take a swing at the teacher, you might just get put in your place. He should be given a raise and a plaque, not fired. 

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Unable to tell if the teacher acted appropriately. Need to see what happened prior to the video and how the teacher confronted the student.

But, at first glance, I would say the teacher was wrong to confront the student in the classroom. Had the student been armed, innocent students could have been shot.

Dealing marijuana doesn't place anyone in imminent danger. Teacher should have contacted the school resource officer or waited until students weren't around to confront the student, minimizing the risk to innocent students.

Frankly, I find it quite plausible that a student dealing drugs and willing to punch a teacher would be armed. First rule should be the safety of innocent students who don't deserve to be shot because someone else is dealing marijuana.

nonmember avatar mel

No he was wrong g I agree with snapplequeen. He put the student and others at risk. He got upset and confronted the kid instead of calling the officer of the school and handling it professionally. What did he was violation . I hope he loses his job.

nonmember avatar mom of seven

I think that the people that are unwilling to take a stand for what is right are just able to say that because their kids were not involved.. what if the marijuana that was so harmlessly being sold was laced with pcp and their kids were buying it... then the holier than thou people would be applauding that person who made sure that drug dealer was stopped

1Tall... 1TallMamaCA

If it had been a gun there would be a parade, but since it was "only drugs" , and he wasn't actually "hit". Then oh well.

So sick of this crap socity we have of always shitting on teachers, this is why teachers don't give a damn, because when they do they get punished.

nonmember avatar Amber

This is the problem with our country. Maybe he did deal with it a little wrong, but that little punk ass kid obviously deserved it. Maybe if his parents were busy disciplining him and teaching him it's WRONG to sell pot at fucking school the teacher wouldn't have had to kick his ass. But agree that he should've just jumped up and called a resource officer and let them deal with it. He should've known better but I imagine it's quite a predicament to have to deal with. Punk ass kid would've pissed me off too.

RoseL... RoseLiMom

I don't know, I didn't see the kid throw a punch so im not sure. He didn't seem to be attacking the teacher when I teacher was restraining him. He was being very disrespectful, and he commited a crime by dealing drugs but unless he tried to physically hurt someone there is no need to restrain him.

Heather Tyler

Unacceptable?? WTF is happening to this country?? That teacher did the right thing, it's the school board that needs to be fired. That drug dealing kid's actions are what is unacceptable, you stupid morons

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