The Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight May Finally Be Solved

flightIt's the sign investigators and family members of missing passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight have been waiting for. A Chinese ship has detected a pulse signal in the southern Indian Ocean. They have also made another startling discovery.

According to the Australian government, who is coordinating the search efforts, the signals are consistent with those from an airplane's black box.

However, the location of the beacon is outside of the primary search area. That said, they are not totally discounting that this could be the missing aircraft's signal.

The Chinese Air Force also spotted white objects floating near the search area. It's not yet clear if those are pieces of the plane, but at this point nothing is being ruled out.

Perhaps these could be the answers everyone is looking for. While it would be heartbreaking to learn that the plane did in fact crash and the passengers died, ultimately knowing what happened will bring the families some relief.

Do you think they will ever find out what happened to that flight?


Image via shankars/Flickr


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Elaine Cox

experts are already calling bs on the "signal"...we will find out but not by freaking out over every thing

funmo... funmommy123

I read somewhere today that a chinese ship found the signal.....

happymia happymia

Our good friend had 20 co workers on that flight. He was supposed to go with them on the business trip, but his pregnant wife got really sick, and he had to miss it. He's having a very hard time with this whole thing, and survivors guilt.

Roxan... Roxanne92

I'm sorry but I think they know more than they are letting onto they should have Found something by now, I smell a coverup

nonmember avatar me

As sad as this thing is, I think anyone expecting these people to be still alive is even sadder. Either they crashed and they died or the plane was taken, landed safely and the passangers killed, in purpose of using the plane as a missile later on. If theyd wanted to keep the people alive for ransom etc, theyd already come out with their demands

RVTMommy RVTMommy

The question that keeps coming to my head is.... HOW IN THE HELL DOES AN AIRPLANE DISAPPEAR? It makes no sense. I can get on a computer and locate my iphone but a damn airplane can just all off the face of the Earth? I call BS.

nonmember avatar Rod

When they find the aliens at Area 51 lol . That's just as stupid as ones posting coverup!!. That's what they were saying about Area 51 !!... Then the morons. Said it should be easy to find like a cell phone morons if it was it would have been found !. But why are you posting like your a expert!!.. Cheers !!..

Victoria Gaunt

Maybe they should ask Robert Ballard for help. If he can find the Titanic, he can find this plane. However, one thing I want to know is how the HELL does such a large aircraft just vanish into thin air?

nonmember avatar Shay Knight

Yes, I do believe that the wreckage will eventually be found, but when is anybody's guess. I have the feeling that the whole process was deflected in the wrong area in the first place. Someway, somehow, it was not started in the right direction with the correct information and then things go so wild that they got completely out of hand and all the efforts were spent uselessly. Millions and millions of dollars and hours of grief were misdirected and when we find the whole mess a lot of interesting information is going to come to the forefront.

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