6-Year-Old Fights Back Against Two Alleged Kidnappers Thanks to Mom (VIDEO)

A mom who had diligently taught her young daughter the rules of "stranger danger," was horrified when found herself witness to her own 6-year-old's alleged attempted kidnapping. Amy Norman was watching out her front window in Parkland, Washington as her daughter, Savanna, was returning home in broad daylight from playing with her best friend across the street. She was stunned as she suddenly saw two men try to abduct her little girl.

Savanna had looked both ways before crossing the street and, seeing no cars, began the short journey home. That's when she said two men "came out of nowhere" and grabbed her. But her mom had taught her what to do in a horrifying situation like this, so she yelled "Stranger danger!" and began kicking and punching. "I screamed loud ... loooouuuud," she told a local news outlet.

Meanwhile her 9-year-old friend Raquelle Pittenger watched shocked from across the street. And Savanna's mom ran out of the house towards her daughter.

The men got away but one of them, Jakeel Rashon Mason, was found and arrested. He is now in jail on bond. And, scarily, it turns out he lives only a few blocks away from the Normans.

It's amazing that this little girl remembered what to do in the moment and didn't freeze up. It's one thing to teach your kids "stranger danger" techniques, it's another to have them not panic and actually be able to think clearly and do them. Thank god Savanna did.

Amy Norman says she is considering moving her family out of the neighborhood.

What do you teach your kids about stranger danger?


Image via KOMO

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April... AprilJune

That is really scary. I haven't taught my daughters much about stranger danger because they are quite young, and my oldest is terrified of people she doesn't know. I don't want to scare her even more. With everything they say about most abductions being by people your child is familiar with, it's hard to know what to teach them. This situation is a good reminder that we still need to teach our kids about stranger danger, as well as boundaries with the adults in their lives.

Julia Saenz

Thats terrifying. What do two grown men want with a six year old. Thank God shes alright. That man should be charged with much more. Only fifteen thousand dollar bail for trying to abduct, brutally rape, and then kill a small child. Theres something wrong with our justice system.

nonmember avatar Laura

In our house we call them "tricky people". Strangers can seem nice but be tricky, people we know can be tricky. We practice screaming and yelling and "what would you do if..." We teach kids to be polite and quiet and respectful to adults. It does not always come naturally to them when they have to do the opposite so we just practice practice practice.

Anthony Mitchell

They are going to do some damage these sick bastards for trying to kid this child and it will be well deserved.

nonmember avatar jean boudrieau

This punk should be held without bail.

nonmember avatar Barry Shite

Attempted "hate crime". Well it would be if 2 White guys grabbed a black child. Of course Eric Holder has already told us that Whites can't be victims of hate crimes.

roone... rooneytune

Abduction of one of my kids is my biggest fear. So much so, that it keeps me from letting them do alot of things growing kids do. I understand worrying about it is common, but I seem to take it to an extreme. Wish I could stop the fear. I think it's holding my kids back.

nonmember avatar Bee

Why not show a picture of the suspect? I think it's pretty obvious.

Julia Saenz

I can't belive this is even turning into a race issue when MOST child abductions are by white males ranging from 30s to 50s. Regardless of race these pigs should be shot

IHear... IHeartCake

Never should these guys ever get out of prison, ever.  Hope the 2nd man is found today. Let's see if their DNA matches any unsolved crimes in an International database. 

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