3-Year-Old Dies After His Mother Leaves Him Home Alone for 20 Hours

megan mckeonWe lost another innocent child to a parent's thoughtless neglect. Three-year-old Austin Davis died after his mom left him home alone for 20 hours. Megan McKeon left on a Wednesday to work at a grocery store, but she didn't head straight home afterward. By the time she got home, she found him lying on his back, eyes open but showing no signs of life. McKeon was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death, which is a felony. The thing is this was completely avoidable.

McKeon is living like a single mother because Austin's dad, Tyler Davis, is in prison for failing to register as a sex offender. (He was arrested for offering teenage girls money for sex.) So if she has to go to work and can't afford childcare, what else could she do? Maybe she didn't have family nearby to help ...?

But nope, she doesn't have that excuse. McKeon's mother says she would have been happy to watch Austin while Megan worked. Charity O'Konski says, "All she had to do was call me. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts to what happened, it’s her fault no matter what happened. She is accountable for that baby."

Not only did McKeon leave her son home alone for work, after work she went and stayed the night at her boyfriend's house. She left her son with food, juice, and a movie -- and thought everything would be just fine. And this was something like the 20th time she'd done this. Twenty other incidents of neglect she'd gotten away with, but this one time it ended in tragedy. It was inevitable.

A doctor who tried to revive Austin believes he may have ingested some medication or drugs. Investigators say McKeon's cabin was a total disaster, with half-eaten food and human waste everywhere.

It's astounding that McKeon would think a 3-year-old could be all right by himself for 20 hours. Anyone who has ever known a 3-year-old knows how unrealistic that is -- you can't leave a 3-year-old alone for five minutes! Some people are just delusional, though. Some people will justify things that defy logic. It's terrible that this time, someone's delusion ended in the death of a child.

Why do you think McKeon didn't just ask her mom to watch her son?


Image via Routt County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar Adrien

Maybe her mom is not such a great grandmother? I know my mom is my last choice to sit. I try to never use her since her decision making is poor and she continually makes bad choices when my son is around. But if I have to use her in a pinch I have to. It's better than him being dead!


Sounds like she wanted this to happen if she's done this 20 times before. I think she is a self centered bitch who just didn't give a fuck. Why would you spend the night with your boyfriend when your child needed you? Everyone should not be a parent.

nonmember avatar Cariad

Obviously she was a terrible mother; but what does this have to do with autism?

kayba... kaybayblee3

I kinda agree with adrien. Still doesn't make it right, but what if she wasn't the best to leave her kid with. There are programs though that help mother's out with daycare who don't make much money. It's bad enough to leave that kid alone during her work day, but to stay the NIGHT with a boyfriend?!

worki... workingmama86

So basically she treated her son like he was a household pet.... SMH. i hope she has the book thrown at her.

nonmember avatar Syd

ha Cariad! Maybe they confused "Austin" with "autism". Proof-reading has never been The Stir's strong suit...

Avian... AviannasMama

That is so sad. Breaks My heart. Like a PP said, to leave him to go to work you can maybe see how she could do that..but to go and spend the night at her boyfriends too?! Wtf is wrong w her? That poor child was probably so scared being home alone all those hours. :*(

Makes me sick...

.anon... .anonymous

Clearly, she is a selfish idiot, and an innocent life has been taken as a result of her selfishness and stupidity. May she rot in prison.

IHear... IHeartCake

I love how the grandma plays all innocent, like she didn't know her grandson was living in a pig sty.  I bet a lot of relatives knew.  They just didn't want to call CPS on their own relative.  Well, hope you're sorry now!  Just another example of "some people shouldn't have children."   That poor baby :-(

nonmember avatar tda

If anyone is interested in the whole story and all sides this happened in Steamboat Springs Colorado. The grandma said she had custody of the child but he was"LIVING "with his mother. She went on to say the child had a very happy, loving life. Obviously grandma is in denial or blind. The boy is dead, his life cut short because of his mother. She faces only 2 charges each carrying a max of 24 years. Where is the justice? The article was originally printed in the Steamboat pilot

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