Mom Arrested for Dangerous April Fools' Prank That Went Way Too Far

angela timmonsThere were some hilarious pranks pulled yesterday for April Fools' Day ... and there were a few not-so-funny pranks we wish had never been attempted. One particularly awful prank was pulled by a mom. Police say Angela Timmons texted her daughter to tell her a gunman was on the loose at Virginia College in South Carolina, where she works. It was supposed to be a prank. But to Timmons' daughter April, thousands of miles away in New York, it sounded alarming. She called 911 and police arrived at the scene soon after -- expecting this would be the next Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech tragedy.

Meanwhile, Angela finally admitted to her daughter that it was just a hoax. "Oh my goodness," April told the dispatcher. "She's saying she's playing an April Fools' joke. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Poor April, dispatcher, and everyone else involved. That was so. Not. Funny.

Timmons was arrested and has been charged with aggravated breach of peace, disturbing a school, and unlawful use of a telephone. She says if she'd known her prank would have taken up police time, she never would have tried it -- but don't you wish that possibility had occurred to her before?

I feel like I'm about to let loose a string of Dr. Obvious thoughts, but what the hell. I guess when common sense seems in such short supply, it's necessary. Here goes.

People, when you are plotting your next prank, consider the worst-case scenario. Could anyone get hurt?

Is there even the tiniest possibility that your joke could waste the time of emergency responders? Or other valuable resources?

Will your prank cause someone to become genuinely fearful for your life -- or their own life?

Does your joke in any way resemble a horrific, real-life tragedy, especially a recent one?


Right? Like I said, it's ridiculous that I would need to say this at all. But apparently, Ms. Timmons did not connect the dots before she pulled this awful prank. Geez Louise, I hope people are more sensible next year.

What's the worst, not-funny prank you've ever seen?


Image via Spartanburg County Detention Center



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I was never fond of pranks or practical jokes...however, this is just plum foolishness!!! She actually works at a school where I am so absolutely sure they have had seminars regarding violence in the workplace especially after all the terrible tragedies involving school areas. So, for her to use that topic, gun violence, as a freakin' JOKE??...I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for her audacity and ZERO amount of sympathy for her. I hope they throw the book at her.

Sivon Williams

Who would consider a school shooting funny?

mamab... mamabearjean

OMG how stupid! We had some teenagers pull the same prank here at a local high school. You could possibly argue that they didn't know better (which I don't believe for one second) but a grown woman?? Hope she loses her job over this. She shouldn't be allowed to work in a school if she's that careless.

nonmember avatar jessiesmummy

Silly woman there is nothing funny about a school shooting . So why would anyone take it as a joke a really hope they give her what she deserves for this sick horrible prank !!!

Keegan Cochran

Sivon Williams evidently she does! She is stupid as hell! 

Flowe... FlowersAndLace

Did the daughter not reply to her mother anymore after she said that or what? She got the text and then immediately called 911? That's a weird first reaction. My reaction would have been to call my mom and ask if she was serious...or, since it was April Fools Day, I would have texted back saying something like "Haha! Good one!" or something. I don't think this lady should be charged with anything. It was a joke sent to her daughter. She didn't prank the police department or the school, she pranked her daughter in a private message and her daughter was too stupid to realize it was a joke.

Todd Vrancic

Would you text or call your loved one if they sent you a text that their lives were in danger?  Or would you, date notwithstanding, immediately call 911, because, if, gods forbid, it's not a joke, they could need them?

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