16-Year-Old Accused of Stabbing Best Friend to Death Over Selfie

Gutierrez (left), Baez (right)
It's one of those senseless and frightening crimes that just leaves us shaking our heads. Teen Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez was arrested at the funeral of Anel Baez. Police say she stabbed her best friend to death over a bizarre Facebook feud.

Gutierrez was reportedly enraged about "humiliating" selfies posted by Baez. The images reportedly showed the girls posing together naked and she wanted revenge. She even sent threats via Twitter: "It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times," she reportedly wrote. And, "I am going to bury you before the year is over." As police tell it, those are promises that Gutierrez kept.

The attack took place after Beaz invited her over to patch things up. When Gutierrez arrived, she asked to use the bathroom but instead grabbed a knife from the kitchen and allegedly stabbed her former friend 65 times. She then fled and was taken into custody seven days later while grieving with friends and family.

Prosecutors say Guitierrez admitted to the murder, according to one paper. But there is a lot of doubt surrounding the circumstances of the entire story. Baez's own family question the motive investigators gave and many friends say they never actually saw this "naked" selfie. However, police believe they have a clear picture of what happened. If convicted, she would be charged as a minor and would receive a maximum of seven years behind bars.

While the final outcome is still up in the air, this kind of story just drives home the notion that many kids are clearly unprepared for the consequences of being careless with technology. Too often, they snap foolish photos, somehow believing they will not be seen. It's just tragic if that humiliation actually led to murder.

Do you think the selfie trend is too self-destructive to teens?


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eem8605 eem8605

Kids have too much of an entitlement sense now. They almost seem robotic. Feelings don't mean anything anymore. People/friends have become pawns. It's ridiculous. It's all stemming from having to much and getting everything they want. The have no boundaries. This was a senseless death.

Lily Tejada

this is so heartbreaking, my heart goes out for both families, more info on Erandy here, hope God can forgive you


nonmember avatar britni

7 years at the most?? She has shown a high level of violence over somethibg stupid.she shouldtve posed for the pictures in the first place.just the usual stupid and sleasey teen girl.so sad.

calim... calimomma707

seven years is not enough, but im not at all surprised since America appears to no longer cherish our kids or their well being. pedos get no time or little time and come out and re-offend, kids killing each other ,mothers, sons. the list goes on and on we have excuses for all of them. let the PURGE begin...

hello... hellokd87

People these days (adults included) have no sense of consequences for their actions nowadays. Like a previous poster stated, they are like robots. There is no awarenss of other people's feelings. The country is going down the porcelain throne & we need to do something about it. Not just locally, but a nationwide movement to inform kids that their decisions are irreversible.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

This happened in Mexico....just FYI to a few commenters. 

mrsary mrsary

She looks crazy!


I was thinking the same thing Mrsary you can't be friends with Chuckie.lol

IHear... IHeartCake

She shouldn't be charged as a minor.  Stabbed the victim 65 times? 

jinxmom jinxmom

65 times!!!!!!!!!!! a minor wow

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