Man’s Angry Note to Boss Goes Viral & Gets Him Fired (VIDEO)

noteWe've all been there. Your supervisor messes up or continually does something that would land the rest of the staff in the unemployment line. But since he is the one in charge, you bite your tongue and try to ignore it. Joe Blumm could only turn a blind eye for so long. The gas station employee was fed up with this boss' constant tardiness. So one day, after waiting for her to arrive for over an hour, he dashed off a snarky note. He had intended it for her eyes only, but someone snapped a photo and posted it to the web, and it has since gone viral.


The note read:

Hey Boss, learn to be on time or at least communicate when you are going to be late. +1hr with no phone call is unacceptable. As you can see, the doors are locked. I went home. Fire me if you must ...

Blumm has worked at the Grand Rapids, Michigan BP gas station for three years before being fired a week ago. And the issue that inspired him to write the note had been building for awhile. That particular day, he had just worked the overnight shift and was waiting for his manager to relieve him for over an hour, so he taped the note to the door and left.

For her part, she claims that he never tried to reach her and said that her alarm simply didn't go off. She arrived to find Blumm gone and the station locked up. It was a move that got him fired. Though he has no regrets. He is happy it's bringing attention to "low paid employees who get the short end of the stick."

Actually, I think this represents a nice switch. Lazy managers shouldn't get away with their lackluster work performance. In fact, Blumm should be rewarded for his honesty rather than given a pink slip. Why should he have to continually deal with her tardiness and then be penalized for telling the truth? More bosses should be held accountable when they do something wrong instead finding some way to pass the blame back to the poor, lowly worker bees.

Do you think he deserved to lose his job?


Image via Fox 17

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