DuPont Heir Who Raped 3-Year-Old Daughter Gets Sickeningly Light Sentence (VIDEO)

du pont child rape lawsuitA man has committed a heinous crime -- and it looks like he got away with it. Multimillionaire and DuPont heir Robert Richards was convicted of raping his then-3-year-old daughter 10 years ago, but he won't serve any jail time because the judge fears he wouldn't "fare well" in prison. He has admitted to molesting his toddler-aged son as well. The court details from nearly a decade ago were just revealed because Richards' ex-wife Tracy is suing him for the assaults and for negligence.

When Richards was first charged with raping his daughter, he was indicted on two second-degree charges that would have gotten him a minimum two years in jail for each charge (can you believe only two years?). He hired the best defense team money could buy and plea bargained his way to fourth-degree rape, which has no mandatory minimum sentence. The judge then decided he would benefit more from a sex offenders rehabilitation program than from jail. 

According to the lawsuit, Richards admitted to assaulting his then-19-month-old son as well. Tracy Richards' lawsuit says both children, 10 years after the crimes, are suffering long-term injuries, possibly including depression, sexual dysfunction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Tracy wants her ex-husband to at least pay some sort of financial restitution for his crimes.

Can you blame her? It must have been infuriating to watch the man who raped your daughter (and possibly son as well) pretty much get away with it. Had Richards been an ordinary man -- in addition to being a DuPont heir, he's also connected to a prominent law firm -- he would be in prison right now. It's sickening to think that he got a lighter sentence because he had the wealth and influence to buy it.

The least he can do is provide for the children he harmed. Money won't erase what he did to them. And they may grow up to decide they want nothing to do with their father or his money. At least with his story made more public, it's highly unlikely that anyone will let their children anywhere near Richards ever again -- I hope, anyway.

What do you think about Richards' sentence? Do you think his ex-wife should be suing?


Image via News Works/YouTube

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SES1985 SES1985

That judge needs to be removed. The man committed two disgusting crimes...he should have to serve time for what hes done. Who the f' fares well in prison anyhow?? Isnt that the point??? Its unbelievable how ppl with money get away with everything.

nonmember avatar Stella

Absolutely sickening. I don't care who this bastard is, he deserves the maximum penalty. Not only were his crimes against children, but against his own children. I hope these poor children can get some professional help to deal with their sperm doners betrayal, a long hard road but I hope they can find some closure and move on with their lives.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Wake up people that government doesn't care about the people and justice is not blind.

drink... drinkme8184

No, this is fucking ridiculous!  So only poor people deserve to pay for molesting a child, but rich people get off because they have money?  Are those children any less damaged because they were raped and tortured by a rich guy rather than a poor guy?   This man needs to be shot in the face.  And all his money should be donated to victims of sexual abuse.  And the Judge needs to go to jail. 

abbys... abbysmom12913

This guy is so disgusting! I cant believe once there 18 theyl no longer b getting the money they need For the damages their "father" caused what bs!!!! He couldnt go to jail bc he wouldnt fair well r u kidding me ! Thats why they have pc in prision it just goes to show u its all about who u kno and whst money they have this man should b in jail n he should have to take care of all of their needs the rest of their lives that would b better then what happened her n why the f@#% does he need that big of a house! N im sorry y couldbt he go on housearrest its likr the judge said its ok to rape your defenseless babys makes me sick!!!!

abra819 abra819

Some of the judges i'm hearing about these days...

nonmember avatar Lol

It's not the judge, it's the money he has. As they say, anyone has a price & this countries law enforcement isn't excluded from that. Those poor kids.

nonmember avatar Hanna

Oh to be rich....

youth... youthfulsoul

Sick bastard. Wasn't another du Pont heir convicted of murder some years ago. That's one effed up family line.

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