Missing Malaysia Airlines Families Now Told There Might Be Survivors (VIDEO)

missing malaysia planeRelatives of passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane that mysteriously vanished shouldn't give up hope quite yet: There still could be survivors.

The news comes as more "suspicious" objects were found floating in the ocean within the search site.

A Malaysian official met with families Saturday and told them he hadn't given up on the possibility that there might be survivors among those on the missing jet, which disappeared over the Indian Ocean March 8.

"Even hoping against hope, no matter how remote, of course, we are praying and we will continue our search for the possible survivors," said Malaysia's acting transportation minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

But he also said he didn't want to give them "false hope."

Earlier this week, relatives were told the opposite -- that all lives were lost aboard the airplane, which is believed to have crashed into the sea.

Meanwhile, investigators spotted three "suspicious" new objects floating in the water Saturday, but they weren't confirmed to be linked to debris from Flight 370.

The objects were described as white, red, and orange. The discovery comes after 122 other items were seen floating in the ocean. None of the findings have yet been positively identified as coming from the missing plane.

Check out CNN's latest report on the investigation:

These poor families have been on such an emotional roller coaster since the jet vanished three weeks ago. Let's hope they get some real answers -- and closure on what happened to their loved ones aboard that flight -- very soon.

What do you think happened to the missing airplane?

Image via CNN


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sylph... sylph_ironlight

If this happened to my family, I would have hope until they found the plane, but realistically? It's been 21 days since the crash. Even if anyone survived the intial crash, they would not have any lifeboats, no fresh water, no food. I know people have survived longer at sea, but most of those people were experienced on the ocean (sailors, fishermen, etc) and wers in some kind of boat or raft.. My prayers are that they find the plane and can give these families answers and closure, but I am not expecting them to find any survivors.

Elaine Cox

malaysia covering their butts amid bad pr but there are no survivors

angel... angelachristine

I don't think there will be any survivors.

Roxan... Roxanne92

I think Malaysia knows more than they are letting on, they are trying to cover up something just hope the families can get closure

Vanessa Fasanella

This is unreasonable and cruel. No one can possibly be alive for 21 days without any food, clean water, or so tired trying to survive.

nonmember avatar Terri

My heart breaks for these poor families. They've been through so much. Lord, please comfort each and every heart affected and give them the closure they so desperately need!

IHear... IHeartCake

Tragically, the plane crashed, and it is unforgivable that the families of the victims are being given the run-around, being notified of new finds via text message, and so on.  Let's pray or hope they get real answers as soon as possible.

ashle... ashleywagoner

Not unless the plane is on an island somewhere

nonmember avatar Pat McGraw

Hope they find something so they know exactly what happened. Not knowing is just plain torture for the famiies.

nonmember avatar S

If, and only if they were close enough to an island it is possible there are survivors. It is highly unlikely, but it's possible. If I was one of the people that lost someone on this flight, I wouldn't give up hope until the plane was found.

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