Earthquake Rips Los Angeles Again & Bigger One Could Be Coming (VIDEO)

Could a massive earthquake be on its way to Los Angeles? A quake registering 5.1 on the Richter scale ripped through L.A. on Friday shortly after 9 p.m., causing people to flee from Disneyland as the tourist attraction was shut down. Gas pipes leaked and water mains broke and about 2000 people lost electricity. More than 100 aftershocks shook the area. But no one has been reported dead or seriously injured. However, seismologists are worried that this quake, the second in two weeks, is a warning for a much bigger one to come.

"There could be an even larger earthquake in the next few hours or the next few days," US Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones told the Los Angeles Times. However, she gave only a five percent chance of that happening.

Celebrities took to Twitter to describe their experiences. The Hills' Audrina Patridge sounded like the epicenter was under her feet, writing:

The last big quake to hit the area was a magnitude-6.7 in 1994 which caused billions of dollars in damage.

Luckily, Los Angeles is well-equipped to handle earthquakes, but I can't imagine too many things scarier than the earth jostling uncontrollably under your feet.

Image via Los Angeles Times

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socal... socalmommy13

Im in yucaipa ca and we felt it pretty good! We are about 1.5 hr from la habra. La habra is in turmoil right now.

1Tall... 1TallMamaCA

there are homes in red tagged after this. It was a bad one, very shallow so it shook. it lasted 4 mins which is pretty long honestly. I live in Glendora, ca water splashed out of my pool, and things fell. But my kids slept through it. 

lalab... lalaboosh

Jeez, four minutes! I was in the Nisqually quake forever ago and I think it was only one minute of shaking! It was soooooo scary and felt like an eternity.

nonmember avatar Scott

I like how you edited out the part where Lucy Jones said that the chance of this being a foreshock to a larger event was only 5%.

nonmember avatar Jeremy

I was at Disneyland. No one fled. People left because all the rides closed.

calim... calimomma707

if you think that's scary, go online and look up Yosemite animals fleeing the area. getting pretty freaky this way, it says snow for tomorrow! I live in northern California...

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