Boy Rescued From 'Horrific' Filthy Home Tells Police He Wants a New Family

It's another one of those break-your-heart stories of child neglect. Orlando, Florida, mom Yolander Lasane was arrested Tuesday when child-protection workers contacted the police after removing five children from a filth-ridden home filled with ankle-deep trash, feces, bugs, and urine-soaked mattresses. She faces at least five counts of child neglect.

The conditions were so bad that one of the kids asked if he could go to a foster home and have a new family. The boy had broken and rotting teeth and claimed to be unable to chew without pain.

Authorities say all of the children (ages 5, 9, 12, 15, and 17) were "unkempt" and obviously unbathed. They appeared to be parenting themselves, resorting to eating cold food out of cans. Officers who were at the scene wrote in a report, "The severe medical and overall neglect was horrendous ... it was evident that no part of this residence had been properly cleaned or maintained in years."

CPS was trying to help the family but had to contact the police due to the "biohazard conditions of the home."

According to the report, investigators found animal feces all over the floor, doors, and walls, black mold, rotting food, filth and garbage in the kitchen, and an insect-filled bathroom complete with a broken toilet, sink, and tub.

Not that anyone would be looking to break in, but the front doorknob was hanging down and unable to be locked.

Does it need to be mentioned that the animals that lived there also appeared to be abused and neglected? They were removed by animal control.

Lasane claimed that her obesity made it difficult for her to leave her bedroom to care for the children, but she was able to walk to the patrol car. The police say they found a working air conditioner and television set in her room.

My heart breaks for those poor kids! It's devastating enough when people choose to live like that, but to keep kids in that environment is unconscionable.

Would you intervene if you saw kids living like this?


Image via Orlando Police Department

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Why didn't the older ones at least speak up let alone keep the house up for the younger ones. My mom passed away when I was 15 and I basically raised my brother and father after that, including grocery shopping and house work because my alcoholic bachelor father wasn't up to the task. I can understand why they wouldn't have called CPS, not wanting to get there mom in trouble or maybe enjoying the freedom allowed by her lack of caring but I cannot fathom why they chose not to do their best for their younger siblings even if that was only a hot meal and clean place to sleep.

2baby... 2babymomma

Maybe they also grew up in those conditions and didn't know how to fix it having never known anything different

Jacee... Jacee2348

Would I intervene if I saw kids living in these conditions? Really?? That's the only question you could think to ask after this horrendous story? Not even going to bother to answer that one. Terribly sad for those 5 children. :(

Sheena Jones

LeeShAe way to revictimize the kids!! The point is the MOTHER was responsible for the kids health and wellbeing. It was HER fault, never not in anyway their fault. If they grew up that way then they would not know any better.  

Bruic... Bruickson

LeeshaE's question is a valid one, I wondered the same thing myself. I don't think she was trying to revictimize them at all. But as 2babymomma said the reason is probably because they were raised in those conditions and didn't have the necessary tools to help themselves.


Or the mother could be a horder, and may not let anyone clean. They get evil when someone touches their stuff

youth... youthfulsoul

Never fails. These people who can't clean up or care for themselves always have animals they can't afford and who they also don't clean up after. 

Jozemom Jozemom

Prima487- I agree. hoarders can be extremely manipulative. The oldest ones probably knew no different and were afraid of their mother.

nonmember avatar jody

I looked her up on Facebook. She posted last week that she's going to go crazy cuz get badass kids will be on spring break. I looked at her pics She goes out n has nice dinners. She goes on vacation

To Daytona, Miami. She goes clubbing. She went to

Disney. She can walk she is just a lazy fat bitch

RobJar RobJar

Where was the kids dad?

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