Man Kidnaps 4-Year-Old From Her Home on 'Accident'

dark streetThere are plenty of things I accidentally do. I dropped my bag today in the street while crossing it. I've added salt to my coffee instead of sugar. I've tripped ... on just about everything. But kidnapping a child from bed in the middle of the night isn't something I've "accidentally" done. I believe I can say I will never do that. But that's exactly what 37-year-old Daniel Luna did.

It was Sunday, around 3 a.m. in Phoenix, and Luna was riding his bicycle near 3rd Street and Thomas Road when a police officer noticed he had a young girl on his lap as he was pedaling along. The child was just 4 years old and was wearing pajamas. No shoes. Thankfully this cop felt something wasn't right so he stopped him. It turned out that Luna had kidnapped this girl.


What Luna told police was that he was bar hopping and somehow ended up in the wrong apartment, which he thought was his own. He also claims that he thought the 4-year-old sleeping in her bed was his stepdaughter. So I suppose Luna is trying to justify why he took a child from her bed at 3 a.m. to go for a bike ride.

It was an accident, he says. He didn't mean to kidnap a child that wasn't his own. He just thought he was taking his stepdaughter for a bike ride at 3 a.m.

Makes sense ... to a man who clearly was doing too much bar hopping.

But Luna did admit that he eventually realized the little girl wasn't his stepdaughter but at that point he got "scared", the police said, and "knew what he did was wrong." Though he didn't know how to bring her back home. The police report stated that the little girl said, "The bad man took me out of the home and the police officer saved me." 

Luna is now facing one felony charge of kidnapping. And I am so very thankful for that police officer who felt something wasn't right and did something. It's not every night at 3 a.m. you see a man riding on a bicycle with a child, but it's also not illegal. Still, this officer trusted his gut and reacted in the right way, which probably caused this story to have the best ending it could.

It's still terrifying. Thank goodness this child is safe. And how bizarre that this man's name is Luna!

What thoughts are going through your head after reading this story?


Image via switon.michal/Flickr

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