Dad Arrested While Taking Pregnant Girlfriend to Hospital to Deliver Baby

police carNineteen-year-old new mom Shayla Crews was in tears throughout her entire delivery. But not for the reasons you might expect. Shayla was so weepy because her boyfriend -- and father of her baby -- 19-year-old Maceo Saunders had not been present to witness the birth of their new child. To be fair, Maceo has a pretty good reason for not being there. He had been arrested by police while driving his laboring girlfriend to the hospital.

Apparently, while driving Shayla to the hospital, he became concerned that he wasn't going to make it there in time. Doing the responsible thing, he pulled over and flagged down a police officer. He was looking for some help and possibly an escort to the hospital. Instead of doing this, the police ran a quick check on Maceo and found that not only was he driving with a suspended license, there was also a warrant out for his arrest on assault charges.

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Police gave him a ride, just not the one he expected. They drove him to jail, and it was two days before he got to meet his new son. While clearly the police had every right to arrest him, could they not have waited until after his girlfriend delivered to haul him off? That seems needlessly cruel. His assault charges stemmed from a bar fight, not something like homicide, and he had just been released from a juvenile detention facility and claims not to have known that these other charges still existed.  

I have a hard time seeing what good hauling him off right at the scene would do rather than waiting until he AT LEAST got his wife to the hospital. Instead, she had to watch him get arrested and then was whisked away to the hospital in an ambulance. You can claim that Maceo was a flight risk, I guess, but his actions leading up to his arrest seem to indicate otherwise. Would a guy planning to run away from the police go out of his way to flag them down? Hardly. If Maceo was planning on turning a new leaf, helping out the mother of his child would have been a good start. Too bad the police prevented that from happening.

Do you think the cops did the right thing, or were they too severe?


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ncchicky ncchicky

He had a warrent....thats what police do.   He should have turned himself in way before the baby was due.  His fault.

Einyn Einyn

The title says wife. The article says girlfriend. Why do people not fact check? He deserved to go to jail. Should've thought of the baby before he assaulted someone and didn't report for it.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Why would anyone think the police are there to help you? That's not their job. They exist to arrest and shoot people. Want help? See a fireman. 

Miche... Michelephant

Why wouldn't they arrest someone who had a warrant? Not to mention the suspended license. That could be from something as innocent as unpaid fines all the way to drug convictions of DUIs. If they needed medical transportation they should have just called an ambulance.

@frosty- in my line of social work with the homeless population I've seen a lot of great police officers step up to the plate and help us with everything from locating clients we lost contact with, helping us reduce fines and sentencing for mentally ill clients who are open to intensive case management, and actually transport clients to us for help off the street and from us to the bus station to help them reunite with their families. Yes there are asshole cops, but that's because there are naturally assholes in the population in every occupation you can think of.

Lisatron Lisatron

FrostyMelted - Not all cops get their jigglys off ruining other peoples day, and even if this was a cop who got off on being a jerk that absolutely does not excuse Maceo of his role in this debacle and the actions that lead up to him being arrested.

I think they did the right thing, people need to be held accountable for their actions.

nonmember avatar NariShalee

I disagree with a lot of the posts thus far. Yes the gentleman had a warrant but the cop did not have probable cause to run a check on him (at least not described in this article). What gave him a reason: the fact that two kids (bc they are young adults) were scared and needed help to the hospital? A good lawyer will get the kid off... But I see no real reason to run his name in the system. Now that all is out about his warrant, hopefully a judge will have some compassion about the circumstance and see he wasn't a flight risk since he flagged down a cop to help deliver his child. Sad sorry but my two cents.

Munch... Munchkinmomof5

Police aren't there to let you go when you have a warrant AND are breaking another law by driving on a suspended license. That's what an ambulance is for if she needed a way to the hospital. He should have called 911 for the transport instead of getting behind the wheel. Pretty disgusting there are people defending this guy. Would you feel so compassionate if he were to be a rapist with a warrant and they let him go and then.......he rapes your daughter? The cop did his job. Period.

nonmember avatar Jackie

It's funny how people who don't know anything about a police officer's job is criticizing their job. Their job is to serve and to protect. And the police officer did exactly that. Police officers run background check all the time, they don't know who the bad guys are, everyone looks the same. Yes, that guy was about to have a baby, but he had a warrant for his arrest, if the police officer didn't arrest him then he wouldn't be doing his job.

Jenna Oberg

Yeah... he had a warrant. At that point, the officer or deputy becomes liable if he lets the guy go, and he commits a crime. He could concievably lose his job, and opens the department up to lawsuit. Not to mention... how stupid would that have BEEN? And as to why he ran his name through, common procedure. It's what they do. 

Seems like the cop can't win in this one, according to the author. He gets bashed for doing his job. If he'd let the guy go, he would have gotten bashed for that, too. Pick a side and stick with it. 


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