Father's 'Apology' for Raping 14-Year-Old Daughter Lands Him in Prison

A Brooklyn man was reportedly found guilty of one of the most heinous crimes imaginable -- raping his 14-year-old daughter. Kevin Bartholomew, 39, was found guilty of the incest rape of his teen daughter on New Year's Day in 2011. But he may never have been found guilty at all if the girl didn't have the courage and fortitude to do something incredibly smart -- she secretly tape-recorded him apologizing to her for the assault.

The unnamed girl recorded her father reportedly telling her, "I'm sorry," and "I don't know what came over me," and "Please don't do nothing."

The man's lawyer claims he was apologizing to his daughter for an argument with his girlfriend, not for raping her -- but obviously the jury didn't buy that. He faces up to 25 years in prison.

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The details of how the girl got the recording are unknown, but without it, it could have been a case of "he said/she said." At 14 years old, to have the presence of mind to do something like that is unbelievably admirable. As it is not to listen to the "apologies" of the man who should have protected her but instead raped her. I imagine a lot of children -- through no fault of their own -- would have been swayed by this show of "remorse" and just wanted Daddy to go back to being Daddy and tried to put it out of their minds.

Scarily, the tape was almost not allowed into the trial because the law says that a minor can't be recorded without parental permission! So the girl recording herself -- without her rapist's permission -- would have been illegal. How twisted is that? But luckily the judge allowed the tape.

This little girl is truly an inspiration and it's horrific that she had to go through this and will live with this memory for the rest of her life. Hopefully, she can come through this and realize how brave she is.

Any words for this little girl?


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Beauty Guru Accuses Dad of Molesting Her in a Shocking YouTube Confession (VIDEO)

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Julia Saenz

I've been in that situation w a "family friend, they apologize & then do it again and again and again. Thank God this girl went to the police.

Stama... Stamatina79

So he never said he raped her? Is there any proof he raped her?

mahlo... mahlove13

poor girl. oh, that's so awful.. how could anyone want to do that, especially to their own child? :|

Julia Saenz

stamina he's a child rapist with no morals or conscience why should he be believed; also there is no way the police dept, courts, or justice system would touch the case unless there was concrete proof despite whatever the bs the sicko is saying - I know this from experience

nonmember avatar Suzanne

I'm so glad she had the courage to record the "apology." @Stamatina, rape seems to be the only crime for which some people automatically question the victim's veracity. As it turns out, however, sexual crimes are lied about to the police at about the same frequency as other crimes such as burglary. I can't recall *ever* hearing someone say, "Oh, they're just accusing him of burglarizing their house to destroy his future..." or "He really wanted to have his pocket picked" or other such nonsense. Yes, lies about crime do happen, but only very, very rarely. The same is true for rape or other sexual crimes. Sadly, rape is only taken to the police in a very small percentage of cases, so this girl's courage is even greater than the article suggests. Kudos to her! I hope she is receiving counseling to help her cope with the emotional trauma of this terrible crime.

nonmember avatar Chassidy89

My father raped me too....from the time I was probably 10ish to when I left home at 16...I am now married to a wonderful man, 2 beautiful girls, and a gorgeous home. But what he did to me haunts me every day...I just had the courage and strength to turn him in...and im 25 now..in the process, all my young brothers and sisters hate me and none of the family has anything to do with me. I'm the bad guy for telling....how screwed up is that.....

nonmember avatar #LB

I was raped by my so called father from the age of 1 to about the age 10. I was sent to live with Grandma off and on for years.Everytime it "happened again" i was shipped to Grandmas. Im 56 years old and I still live with the memory of it, he is dead and I still have nightmares. He also raped my mentally challenged sister, I pressed charges and his mother lied and said she was with him on those dates. His sister also lied,(he also got her drunk and raped her). My life is awesome now, but I think I will carry this horror to my death. Blessing little girl, May this not ruin your life.

Lauren Marie Rasmussen

Wtf? These dads, from the story and commenters on here sharing their story, don't see anything wrong with having forcible sex with their daughter? It's disgusting to think about the number of rapists and molesters that are walking free all over the world doing this and having victims that don't report or are not found guilty of anything. Sick world we live in.

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