Women Accused of Chaining & Starving Kids in 'Concentration Camp' Type Abuse

parents starve kids
Left: Craig; right: Deana
Two women in Salinas, California have thankfully been arrested after it was discovered that they allegedly starved three children to "concentration camp" proportions. Former correctional officer Eraca Dwan Craig, 31, and her domestic partner, Christian Jessica Deana, 44, reportedly went "months" with giving their children very little food, and they even allegedly went as far as to chain one of the little girls to the floor via a collar around her neck so she couldn't get anything to eat. The children, two boys ages 3 and 5 years old, and a girl aged 8, also exhibited bruises and signs of other physical abuse. The children, two of which were adopted, have been taken into protective custody, and the women were booked on a slew of charges, including felony child cruelty and false imprisonment.

"It was a particularly heinous case," the Monterey County Sheriff said. "It seems that the little girl was the major target of this abuse."

To call this disturbing, upsetting, and confusing is an understatement. It's hard to wrap one's mind around why, and how, people could be this unusually cruel to children. Clearly, these women are very sick if they did in fact do this, and it's a blessing that these poor kids were taken out of their "care." And, ironically, it was Craig and Deana's horrible parenting, if you can call it that, that led to their arrest.

Apparently, authorities grew suspicious when two of the kids missed unspecified appointments. And thank goodness these women were neglectful in keeping up with the kids' schedules, because, according to reports, it looked like they were getting ready to move the family away. These terrorized children were saved just in the nick of time.

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Again, it's truly difficult to understand how or why people could do this to children (and why or how they adopted?!). It's nauseating and troubling on so many levels. I guess the important thing is that the children are safe now. Let's hope that they are put in the care of someone who will love them and raise them in a way that every child deserves.

And let's hope these women, if convicted, never see children, or the light of day, again.

What do you think should happen to these women?



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the4m... the4mutts

I will never understand HOW anyone could stand to watch another human being, especially a child, THEIR child, starve. I am thankful for every day that I cannot wrap my brain around this level of psychosis.

Julia Saenz

I wish we could "put down" these kind of people

Nelli... NellieKane

Those poor babies. I cannot understand this. How can people do this to another human being, especially innocent children? It makes my heart ache.

Jozemom Jozemom

The4mutts- I completely agree. What boggles my mind even further is when there's more than one adult involved. One person with complete leave of their senses is one thing, but the fact that these two people found each other, went through the gruelling and expensive process of adoption and then decided together to starve and beat these children is absolutely more than I can even begin to understand. 

Todd Vrancic

Has anyone else noticed that neither of these perpetrators seems to have missed a meal?  In my opinion, that makes the starvation of these kids worse.

nonmember avatar Michael

I will take the kids place and let them chain me up. They can do whatever they want to me.

nonmember avatar Angie combs

What's even more disturbing is they went out of their way to find these children to abuse. Two were adopted. Sadistic

sterl... sterling21

Sometimes...very few times...I wish we could still get together a posse and take justice into are own hands. Nothing the authorities do to them will be enough punishment.

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Public hanging. I'm totally in to petition it to be brought back for cases such as this. One close to my home in Atlanta also. 9 month old baby boy with severe head trauma from his mother's boyfriend. Died last night. Then there was the dad who killed his daughter by making her drink copious amounts of soda when she drank one without permission. What is up with the increased child abuse cases here lately?

nonmember avatar Alisha

Being a child that was adopted and then abused I can never understand this. If you dont want children then adopt them. I have kids of my own now never for the life of me would I ever abuse them, or starve them, or ever think of hurting them. My heart aches when I read stories like these. I hope they find someone special that will love these precious babies.

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