Dad Killed for Trying to Protect His Teen Daughter's Honor (VIDEO)

A loving father was killed for defending the honor of his young teenage daughter. Michael Tingling, a dedicated father to his 15-year-old daughter, Masharah, was walking her home from school as he usually did when a creep on probation, Joseph Firek, allegedly brushed up against Masharah and leered at her. When Tingling, once a former boxer but now in ill-health, put his daughter behind his back and told the man to go away, Firek allegedly attacked him.

According to Masharah, her dad was only trying to do the right thing -- get her away from this despicable stranger. She told WLS:

[Firek] was staring at me up and down, eyeballing me and everything ... and then my dad, being a father, he got protective and put me behind him ... he told the guy to go away.

Firek then allegedly got irate and began punching the father and calling him racial slurs. The dad was able to get away and ran into a nearby store for help, with Masharah following. There, the father, who suffered from diabetes and a heart condition, collapsed. Firek allegedly had the nerve to follow them into the store and told the girl to "calm down" and said he hoped he "didn't kill" the dad.

Tragically, he did.

The death was ruled a homicide. Firek, who has a long rap sheet, has been charged with first degree murder and a hate crime.

In a world where so many dads aren't involved in their daughters' lives -- especially their teen daughters -- here we had a dad who was. Who regularly walked his daughter home from school, probably to protect her. And who, when he saw danger, was ready to step in. Masharah was very, very lucky to have him. She called him her "hero" and "guardian angel" and "best friend."

It's no wonder that Masharah is absolutely devastated, crying:

I want my dad back ... I really want my daddy ... Who is going to be at home with me when my mom's at work?

Truly heartbreaking. Masharah's entire world has changed and she now has to grow up without her biggest supporter and protector.

Are there any words you'd like to say to the daughter?


Image via WLS

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Bruic... Bruickson

That poor girl. Watching her talk about her dad is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen. I pray that she can find some sort of peace and comfort in this situation.

marci... marcie1455

This child is absolutely traumatized. It's a shame this happened to a man trying to protect his daughter from harm. I am praying for her.

andre... andrea.jordan

I feel so sorry for her, losing her father like that. I really dont consider this murder...

amy1will amy1will

Andrea.jordan if it's not murder then what is it?

Stacyg12 Stacyg12

andrea.jordan r u kidding me? It is people like u who make this world as crappy as it is. This is a MURDER that could have been prevented by that guy not beating her father like he did. All because he told him to leave cuz he wanted to keep his daughter safe? This is a sad senseless murder of a good man. My heart goes out to his daughter who had to witness this happen. I'm so sorry for ur loss.

Jacqalyn Jacqalyn

How is it a hate crime? No where does it say he attack him because of his color, only that he called him a name while attacking him. During many fights people have been known to call the other a name by their color, and so on but it's not considered a hate crime.

As for murder, he might not have shot or stabbed him but what he did sure as heck led to the poor guys heart giving out. Which I would consider murder.

nonmember avatar ns

its a hate crime because the stupid guy was screaming racial slurs. how is it NOT murder? he killed a guy for goodness sake, just to try to get to the girl. i hope he loves jail- especially with a rap sheet as long as his!!!! people like him dont deserve to breath the same air as us.

tobia... tobiaszgirl

I would like to comment to the girl. Ii want to say"Stay Strong, and remember everything your dad wanted for you, its easy to get caught up in hate, anger and why me. But don't let it over power you. I lost my dad when I was 11 years old, and I let it effect me bur now that I'm older I can remember and think more clearly. I still miss him but now I honor him in tge way I live, I luve the way he was fighting so hard to try and teach/raise me. So goodluck, God bless and be happy that you had a great, loving, kind father that you did, even if you only had him for 15 years. I say I wouldn't trade the 11 yrs I had with my great father for more years with someone else. Your father was-is a hero

nonmember avatar Shannon

Praying for this family.

lamborah lamborah

This is where he should have had a gun and killed his worthless ass. 

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