War Hero Amputee Humiliated to Tears by Rude Amusement Park Staff (VIDEO)

sgt. stephen jackelSgt. Stephen Jackel just wanted to enjoy a fun day with his teenage daughter at a Six Flags in Texas. The veteran, who lost his legs in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan, was about to board a rollercoaster called Boomerang with his 14-year-old when he was abruptly stopped by park employees. Jackel was told that "without one fully functioning" leg he was unable to participate on many of the rides. And, at first, when Jackel asked for a refund, they told him no.

Making this whole horrible situation all the worse? The employees at Six Flags made Jackel, a war hero, break down and cry in front of his young daughter. Seriously?

"My daughter was there throughout the whole time, and it got so frustrating that I broke down in front of my daughter and cried," Jackel said after arguing with park management for more than three hours

According to Jackel, he made park employees aware of his disability before entering and was never told that he wouldn't be able to go on the rides. After being told he couldn't go on the rollercoasters, he was refused a refund, and instead offered replacement tickets (um, what?). Since the incident, Six Flags has refunded Jackel's money and issued the following (half-hearted) apology: "We truly appreciate Sgt. Jackel’s service to our country. We were disappointed to learn our accessibility policy was not properly communicated and we hope he and his family will accept our refund and invitation to visit the park again."

Jackel's reponse? "My family and I will never go to Six Flags again."

It's understandable that customer safety would be the number one priority of Six Flags, but bottom line: This situation was handled incredibly poorly and disrespectfully. It wasn't communicated properly to Jackel that he wouldn't be able to use the rides when he first entered, and not offering a refund? Wow. Way to class it up, Six Flags.

And Sgt. Jackel? Thanks for your service.

Do you think Six Flags handled this properly?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

That doesn't sound right to me, we went to six flags in Chicago 15 years ago or so when I was kid and my parents friend was and is a paraplegic, she didn't have use of either leg and was able to ride all the rides, my dad just had to carry her in and out of seats.

Frost... FrostyMelted

It's a reasonable safety policy. I would imagine that many of the safety features simply don't work if the occupant doesn't have any legs. However, all of this should have been communicated to him upfront and since it wasn't he deserved a full refund. Refusing the refund was incredibly poor customer service & the entire family's ticket expenditure should now be refunded. 


I am with FrostyMelted. If he told them upfront of his conditions, then Six Flags had the opportunity to explain their policies at the time. And to refuse his refund? Horrible service.

Todd Vrancic

Might as well make it unanimous.  He told them of his condition, thinking it might have some bearing on using the amusement park, they then told him it was no issue, only to tell him when he arrived that he couldn't use the rides.  A refund should have immediately been offered without him having to ask for it.

nonmember avatar Jim V

Hard to imagine this happened in Texas. There are probably more servicemen & vets in Texas than anywhere else. I hope they take the time to express their disgust with how one of their own was treated by Six Flags.

virgo... virgoariesmama

I feel bad for him that's b.s.

Sgt. Stephen Jackel if you ever get to see this Thank you for your service

missy... missybest

Sad situation, but you rather they let him on the rides and because of having no legs, he was thrown out of ride and killed?  I don't think so!  These rules are for safety.  He shouldn't have argued for "three hours".  He should have accepted it and moved on.

Come on, folks.  They didn't want this man thrown out of the rides.  I would rather he be embarrassed, than killed.

Madis... Madison1211

Missybest, I think you are missing the point. No one is saying that the rules were out of line. Obviously the rules are there to keep everyone safe, but the way that Six Flags handled the situation was lame. They had the opportunity to tell him about the accesibility rules as he entered the park, but didn't and then refused him a refund even though he wasn't going to be able to ride the rides which is the whole point of going to Six Flags. They should have just given him the refund instead of arguing since someone dropped the ball on informing him of the safety regulations. 

sterl... sterling21

I agree Madison he was not going to Sea World or Animal Kingdom, the whole point of six flags is roller coasters! Obviously he was miss informed or he would not be asking for a refund, and what customer service person would ever argue for three hours, they should be offering customer service not back talk.

nonmember avatar presage

Hi all....I think many of you forgotten the tragic.accident causing one woman to fall to her death? Within this last two years i believe. My friends, in the real world of multi-million $ lawsuits CEO's VO's vp's Presidents of companies ad well as joint owners quickly (understatement) introduce necessary changes made to policies etc to insure these things do not continue to occur. What once was, then is no longer . This is not rocket science, just simple cse and effect . Interesting story, but I doubt this is a mirror sdescription iof events. Is there another lawsuit brewing? Can we afford as a country to continue to sap big business that pay some heavy taxes that enrich their community. Are things not bad enough?

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