Mom Arrested After 1-Year-Old Downs 6 Shots of Vodka

shot glassesA teen mom and a relative are in deep, deep trouble with the law this week after cops allege they got a toddler drunk on vodka. The 1-year-old was so sick she suffered alcohol poisoning. I'll just let that sink in for a second. OK, ready?

How in the world does a 1-year-old end up drunk? Or, more to the point, who could possibly think it's a good idea?

Houston police have charged Shadreon Jefferson, 17, and Shamara Batiste with felony child endangerment after allegedly plying Jefferson's 1-year-old daughter with six shots of vodka. The baby's paternal grandmother is the one who called the cops after the two reportedly dropped the baby off at her home, and she found that the girl could not stand up and began to vomit.

A judge has handed down a no contact order barring Jefferson from her daughter as the case proceeds through the courts. The baby is in the custody of her father.

Thank. Goodness.

If a mom thinks it's OK to give a toddler vodka, I can't imagine what else she thinks is OK. Just think what six shots of vodka do to a grownup. We'd be unable to drive. Heck, I'd be down on the floor! Now think about an adult's body weight in comparison to a toddler's.

I think I might vomit. Or cry. Or both.

You see cases like this pop up in the news now and again, and they always make me wonder: is the problem so much criminal intent as it is sheer stupidity? Now, I'm not saying cops shouldn't have arrested these two geniuses or that they shouldn't be taking this through the court system. Clearly a drunken toddler needs someone on her side, protecting her, and since it doesn't seem to be her mother in this case, the state has to step in.

But could it be that someone was just ... that dumb? That this 17-year-old (ahem) actually thought this was a no harm, no foul kind of situation? Thought it was funny? Hey, we've all seen kids do dumb things, the kinds of things that make us fear for the future of society.

We're talking about someone giving a BABY vodka! No intelligent person would do that ... right? Or is this all just wishful thinking on my part?

If this mother is guilty, here's hoping she gets sent to some REALLY stringent parenting classes before she's ever allowed near her child again. 

Be honest: could you see a teenager doing this out of sheer stupidity? What should the punishment be?


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sassy... sassykat122

Sorry, if you intentionally poison your child you should never get them back.

Jacqueline Stevason

A 17 year old KNOWS better. This was absolute malice. They probably thought that it would be funny. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. She could have killed that poor baby-and probably would have if they hadn't dropped her off at the grandmother's.

Jozemom Jozemom

If they really are That stupid, they should probably be in some sort of facility where they will never come in contact with the outside world. Because they are clearly a danger to themselves and others. 

When I first saw the title I thought maybe the child got ahold of some alcohol and drank it by accident. Even then I was shocked that someone would leave that much vodka within  reach of a toddler. But to read that they did it on PURPOSE??! That is beyond stupidity, that's criminal child abuse.

butte... buttercup627

Why why why!?!?! Why do this to your child? There are teens that become parents and do great jobs raising their children then these schmucks blatantly disregard their children's safety and all anyone thinks is this is why kids shouldn't be having kids!

Kiri Rachel Macfarlane

omg if this was sheer stupidity then they need to be in social works  care. No this "mother" needs to be kept away from her child and deserves jail time. Shame jails are so damn cosy though

nonmember avatar Kristin

Being a teenager had nothing to do with her stupidity!! I was a teenage mom & never would have even considered doing something so dangerous...hope she is never allowed around a child again!

zombi... zombiemommy916

What a dumb b**ch! I'm sorry, but I'm not even taking her age into consideration here...I just have a feeling that her life will always be full of horrific judgement calls, whether she's 17 or 40...she's just an awful person who has no business even being around children, let alone "raising" one...I sincerely hope they throw the book at her and that the father is a good man...

Denise Elaine Lada DiPiazza

Although, my sympathy is saved for the child. The teen may have thought this was going to be funny and not life threatening? The problem with just saying it was a criminal act has to do with abuse cycles! This child has been taken away, but the mother may have another and she may be able to keep her until this happens again, or the child grows up and becomes like her mother. Find out the reasons- all of them- did teen mom know the dangers? Didn't care? Thought it was funny? Not only should she serve time, she needs serious counseling even if she can never see this child again.

aweck85 aweck85


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