Mother, Father & Daughter Die Within Days of Each Other

flowerI've heard of couples who die very close together and the thought is that it's due to a broken heart. Like the couple together for 67 years who died within hours of each other. Though they were in their 90s and supposedly didn't know the other one passed. Maybe some of us are just other-worldly connected. And that's what I'm wondering about this family where the mother, father, and daughter all died within days of each other.

The Schulte family had some unique circumstances and health issues, but I still can't help but feel they were connected in such a way that the mother, father, and daughter dying within days of each other was connected.

The first in this Minnesota family to pass away was Sandy Schulte, 57. She was the oldest daughter of Sharon and Tom's children. Sandy had Down Syndrome and her parents took care of her.

Sandy's mom Sharon, 76, died less than 24 hours later. Sandy's father Tom, 77, passed away three days later. Both Sharon and Tom had lung and brain cancer.

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The Schultes were given a joint funeral. Their surviving daughter told the St. Cloud Times that it was her parents wish to walk Sandy to heaven's gate. "It was like, after Sandy died, it was okay for those two to let go," she said. "They were connected at the soul." She continued, "We tried to rally around them, but it was so difficult at the end. It was just too much. We lost half our family in four days' time." 

The bond a parent has with a child is immeasurable -- there is such a connection that cannot be described. This mother and father, who were both battling cancer, didn't want to go before their daughter who needed their care. And it seems that once it was her time, it was their time as well.

My heart goes out to the surviving members of the family and I hope they are able to find peace and heal.

Have you heard of family members dying around the same time?


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Comfort for the family left behind. This mom and dad showed just how devoted they were to their first born. The mom was only about 19 when she had her in the "fifties", and then you read about that pos who killed her child with hand sanitizer. There was a stigma back then for children with Downs and this young family mustered thru. Sounds like they went as they should and how mom and dad wanted. Sweet and sad.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I dont know how parents who outlive their children survive. I'm sure its very hard. Harder than I could ever imagine. But man..... this couple so devoted till the end.

Freela Freela

So sad for the remaining children, to lose a sister and both parents in a week.  I can't imagine!

Babie... BabiesAre2Sweet

This is so sad. A couple years back I lost a cousin to cancer and exactly a week later my aunt passed away from cancer as well. That was a crazy time for my family so I cannot imagine how much harder it must be for the remaining children/family members in this family to be dealing with such heartache just days apart.

virgo... virgoariesmama

I couldn't even finish this story its heartbreaking

never... neveragain17

This is so sad and touching at the same time.

Jorie21 Jorie21

Lizzie and Emma Borden.

roste... rostermom

Well my grandpa passed at 78 years old. My grandmother died 10 years earlier due to a heart attack. But back to my grandpa, after the death of my grammy, my mom and her sisters got him a baby black chow. Its a dog FYI.. they were connected at the hip. As he got older his daughter moved him in with her in Florida. They flew in his dog " Ebony " too. It didnt matter the heat or the difference in that big move as long as they had each other. My grampa got worse as he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He ended up passing away on a late wednesday night. He was flown back to Massachusetts to be buried along side his beloved wife. Through all the mourning of my papa , it was very stressful and sad for Ebony. The chow died a day later. Now this dog was healthy , but had a broken heart. My family had ebony cremated and put the ashes on my gram and grampas grave . So to say for sure that dog loved that man so much. Rip .

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