Teen Dad Bites Off 1-Month-Old Son's Nose Out of 'Frustration'

An 18-year-old dad in California has been arrested for allegedly biting off the nose of his 1-month-old son because he became angry when the infant wouldn't stop crying. Joshua Cooper and his son were reportedly alone in a room together for just minutes after the baby's 17-year-old mother stepped out. When she returned, cops say she saw her son's face covered in blood and immediately called 911.

When police arrived at the couple's home, they found the tip of the baby's nose on the carpet inside of a bedroom, and the child was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Once there, doctors also discovered he was suffering from a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, and that an astonishing one-third of his nose had been bitten off. He is in stable condition, but doctors are still unsure if they can reattach his nose.

As of right now, we don't have additional facts about who or what caused this poor baby's head trauma. Dad has been arrested on suspicion of child cruelty and aggravated mayhem and is being held on $750,000 bail.

When he was questioned by police, Joshua was said to have expressed remorse over what he did and asked after his son's and wife's well-being. Obviously, his was an over-the-top insane response to something ALL infants do, but I can't help feeling terrible for all parties involved here.

This poor, tiny, helpless baby doesn't deserve the pain he's going through right now. With hope, doctors can reattach his nose and investigators will find out the cause of his head trauma so that can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. I can't imagine what it was like for his mom to walk in and find her baby covered in blood because of something someone she trusted did out of "frustration." And, as for the young dad, he should have to deal with the consequences of his actions, but I also hope he receives help and the anger management and parenting skills he needs to become a better, more patient father.

What do you think should happen to the dad in this case?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

What kind of psycho bites their child's nose off? Dude needs to lose his paternal rights and never be allowed to breed again. 

Rando... Randomlady

He did this all in just a few minutes? How can he do such a thing....it's an infant. Just put baby down and step outside for a few minutes and take a breather don't go destroying your babies life!! This guy deserves to go to jail, this kid most likely won't live a normal life as he could have now because of this jerk of a "dad".  Poor baby.

butte... buttercup627

They need a hotline for parents to call and get help when they're this kind of frustrated with crying babies. This is getting to be too common and it's poor innocent babies that are suffering

Jacee... Jacee2348

"Dad" should never be allowed to see his son again - ever - period.  And massive prison time.

Kattey Kattey

I wish parenting classes were a requirement.

socal... socalmommy13

Wow! If i were that mom, that so called " dad" would never come near my child again. If he can do this.to a brand new sweet baby , hes gonna end up doing alot worse. What a pos!

Nelli... NellieKane

This made my stomach churn and my heart hurt. That poor baby. 1 month-old and already traumatized.

youth... youthfulsoul

Hope he never has access to that poor baby again. 

the4m... the4mutts

Better, more patient father??? You're the crazy one in this story.

That fucker doesn't deserve to ever see that kid again.

Jozemom Jozemom

I know the frustration of dealing with a screaming baby. One night my son was absolutely inconsolable and I actually felt like just throwing him. So I put him in his bassinet the, took a stuffed toy and threw it across the room. Then I went into the bathroom and cried until I was calmed down enough to go back to my baby. Now mind you, my DH was working two jobs at the time plus I was breast feeding, so I was the one with the screaming baby 24 hours a day. My hormones were all over the place and I was still recovering from giving birth.  

This animal (he's not a man) has absolutely zero excuse for doing what he did. I don't care how exhausted, stressed out or frustrated you are you NEVER hurt a child. I'm glad the child is still alive, but who knows what his future will look like thanks to this heinous event. This thing should never be allowed near that or any child again.

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