Dad Accused of Killing Boy After Finding Him in Daughter's Bed​

crime sceneThis story is about to tear you in two. A 17-year-old boy is dead, and a father is expected to face a grand jury for allegedly shooting him when he came across the boy in his teenage daughter's bed. But when you hear what happened in that bedroom, you're probably going to want to give the dad a hug.

The story goes that the dad (whose name is being withheld at the moment) was told by one of his children that there was someone in his 16-year-old's bed. So he did what any concerned parent would do -- he went to check things out. Mind you, this was around 2 a.m.

According to cops, when Dad got to the girl's room, he asked her about the boy in her bed, and she claimed she had no idea who he was.

Sounds like a scared 16-year-old caught with a guy in her room in the middle of the night, doesn't it? I know I would have been flustered and terrified at that age if my dad walked in on me with a guy in my bed, ESPECIALLY a guy I knew! Unfortunately; it was a lie. The girl DID know the kid.

And that's when things got really scary. The father reportedly told the teenager not to move. The boy moved, and it seems that the dad shot him, thinking the teen was going for a gun. Only the kid did not have a gun.

Now, it's no surprise that they're convening a grand jury here. A child is dead. His family will surely want justice, and you can't blame them. THEIR CHILD IS DEAD.

But, and this is a big BUT, we're talking about a situation that is just plain tragic. The dad sounds like a caring, normal, not crazy dad who will have to live the rest of his life with the awful guilt of having killed a child. The daughter sounds like a normal teenage girl who will have to live with her own guilt.

So what should cops do? Send dear old dad away to do hard time for what? Thinking he was protecting his kid from an intruder?

I don't think so.

The sad thing is sometimes accidents happen. They're no one's fault. They just are.

It doesn't make them any less tragic, but it does remind us that people need to use good old-fashioned common sense and compassion when dealing with other folks.

Should the dad be charged? That's up to a grand jury. But here's hoping they go easy on this family; they've been through so much already.

Put yourself in the shoes of the 17-year-old's family. Would you want this dad punished?


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nonmember avatar alexandra

You bet he should be punished. Irresponsible gun ownership and an overprotective parent and now someone's child is dead. And no while I get the teenage girl panicked is it ok to say to her dad who has a gun , gee I dont know him. The boy also probably panicked and wanted to get clothes on and leave, his gf just lied to her dad who has a gun. He should go to prison for murder.

Elaine Cox

the girl got him killed cause she didnt wanna get busted..classy lady...tell me again women dont lie bout rape?...its justifiable homocide and no way he gets convicted in texas

nonmember avatar KingsleysMommy

The dad should be charged (man-slaughter) and so should the daughter (accessory). She needs to learn that lying is not the way to deal with adult situations. Sounds like a teen gone out of control for lack of discipline. Similar situation happened to my stepsister (no one died), except her mom busted that ass!!! I was too scared of my parents to even think of having someone over to watch a movie without their permission, let alone having a boy in my bed at night!! It's revolting how people fear their kids these days. I wish my kids would cross me. I love them enough to pick a proper punishment for the crime.


I think the girl should be punished. I don't know what kind of punishment but she is responsible and as far as the boys parents are concerned, shouldn't they know where their child is at that time of night? I'm not a gun person but a situation like this...If I had a gun I don't know if I'd shoot, but it would be in hand.

Einyn Einyn

If he had time to ask his daughter if she knew him he had time to control the situation without shooting. He should go to jail.

can_c... can_can21

There are so many things wrong with this story. 1- For one thing, why did the father get his gun when he went to his daughter's room? He knew there was a boy on her bed and that she was likely having sex. There are other ways to handle the situation than just getting a gun and shooting some random kid who sleeps with your daughter.

2- The author wrote the kid moved when the father told him not to move.  He was shot but there was no gun? What do you shoot someone with? A toaster?


Frost... FrostyMelted

The boy's father should be allowed to shoot the girl's father and the girl. They're both despicable murderers. 

nonmember avatar Davidfromcali

"The sad thing is sometimes accidents happen. They're no one's fault. They just are."

Absolutely nothing 'just happens'. Grabbing a loaded gun and using it isn't an accident by anyone's definition, it's something you do deliberately. And gosh, Dad's regrets are enough punishment?

Personal responsibility is just that, taking personal responsilbility for all your actions. Even if you make a bad decision, panic, whatever, you are either responsible for your actions or not. There are often mitigating circumstances of course, but is it enough to justify shooting an unarmed youth to death, even in your own house?

I don't see it in this case. Manslaughter covers it. Our legal system is based on precedent. Letting him off simply because he SAYS he will suffer from regret would open the door for a lot of out and out murder.

Let's see what comes out. If the youth jumped out of bed wearing a leather jacket with a bulge from a gun in it that he reached for, it was justified. If he just jumped up with pair of jeans on and freaked out, where was the supposed weapon?

'I thought they were reaching for a gun' is used by police as well as others to simply shoot someone.

This case boils down to either believing in taking personal responsibility, or believing that 'things just happen, it's nobody's fault'.

nonmember avatar LordK

Good for the dad being a protective father! Until she turns 18, the girl has no business getting laid and bringing some loser's bastard child (and another welfare tax drain) into the world anyway.

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

Well the original article states that the girl did in fact know the boy. That being said, SHE should be the one being punished, because she just sent her dad to prison for goodness knows how long.

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